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Coming from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) and now gathering in Chengdu, at the 2021 Annual Meeting of EEA Alumni of Tsinghua University held in Tianfu New District, Sichuan, nearly 200 alumni of Tsinghua University from the General Association of Tsinghua Alumni, Branch Association of EEA, Association of Sichuan Alumni, Department of EEA and other departments and schools of Tsinghua University gathered at the bank of Xinglong lake to recall thedays of learning in same classroomsandlook forward to the bright future. The annual meeting was chaired by Yu Xinjie (admitted in1991), Secretary of the Party Committee ofEEAand ViceChairman of theEEA Branch of theGeneral Association of Tsinghua Alumni.

Photo: at theannual meeting

Photo:Yu Xinjie presided over the annual meeting

Speeches by guests

Yan Jiajin (admitted in 1986),Chairman ofSichuan Association ofTsinghua Alumni, Guo Liang (admitted in 1981), Executive ViceChairmanofCross-Strait TsinghuaResearchInstitute, Lu Zongxiang (admitted in 1993), Executive Vice President of Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute,and Feng Weiping, Head of theLiaisonDivision ofGeneralAssociationofTsinghua Alumni delivered speeches respectively.

In his speech, Yan Jiajin briefly reviewed his study experience in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and briefly introduced the development of the Sichuan Associationof TsinghuaAlumni. He said that as a graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering, hewas particularlypleased to participate in theEEAalumni activities. He hoped that the alumniactivities would be held to condense alumni friendship and stimulate positive energy. At the same time, he also wishedEEA toachievemoresuccess under the “double carbon” historical strategy.

Photo:Yan Jiajin delivered a speech

Guo Liang has worked and served in theGeneralAssociationofTsinghua Alumni for a long time. In his speech, he summarized the growth law of Tsinghua alumni intothree words: “choice, persistence, and innovation”. He believes that the most important thing is persistence. The key to whether a person can make major innovations lies in whether he can persist in doing something for decades. At the same time, he suggested that more alumni can join in the alumni activities and make their due contributions.

Photo: Guo Liang delivered a speech

In his speech, Lu Zongxiang described the historical background of the establishment of Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute in Tianfu New District, and welcomed the arrival of alumni on behalf of the Institute. He said that the Institute is a window forTsinghua University to serve the southwest region, and it is also the home of Tsinghua alumni in Chengdu. Tsinghua alumni are welcome to visit the Institute for guidance and mutual promotion.

Photo: Lu Zongxiang delivered a speech

In her speech, Feng Weiping introduced the five functions of the Liaison Department of the Alumni Association, as well as the alumni mini-program certification work and lifelong learning plan being promoted currently. She said that theGeneral Associationof Tsinghua Universityis especially grateful to the majority of alumni for actively supporting various alumni activities and supporting the development of theuniversity. TheGeneralAssociationof Tsinghua Universitywill provide more diversified services to alumni in the future. She also hopes that the alumni will provide more valuable opinions and work together.

Photo:Feng Weiping delivered a speech

Reports tothealumni

At the meeting, Kang Chongqing (admitted in 1988), Dean ofEEA,President of the Energy Internet Innovation Research Institute,and Presidentof Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute, Zhang Pinjia (admitted in 2002), Assistant to the Dean ofEEA, and Zheng Zedong (admitted in 1999), Deputy Secretary ofEEAsuccessively gave special reports to participating alumni on the development of the Department,arrangement forthe 90th anniversary ofEEA, and the work on alumni.

Professor Kang Chongqing firstintroduced the outline of EEAin terms of organizational structure, faculty, student training, scientific research, and international exchanges, and mainly introduced the newprogress madeby EEAin new power systems, the“plan for strengthening basic academic disciplines” and theSouthwest Project ofPh.D. Leading in Innovation in the new situation under the“dual-carbon” goal. He said that 2022 willbethe 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and alumniare welcometo actively contribute ideas and participate in the preparation for the celebration of theDepartment.

Photo:Kang Chongqing made a report

Zhang Pinjia introduced in the report that through the preliminary collection ofEEAcelebration logos, outstanding alumni interviews, and establishment of regional alumni associations, preparations for department celebration arecarried out in an orderly manner.Forthe 90th anniversary, EEAwill prepare a series of conferences, forums, literature and art, solicitation, and open activities.All alumniare welcometo actively participate in the grand event.

Photo: Zhang Pinjia made a report

Zheng Zedong reported on the workachievement ofEEAin the past year in alumnicaring, business visits, publicityofalumni dynamics, construction ofalumni branches, and alumni activities, and introduced the next work plan. On the basis offurther doing well in daily work such ascaring old alumni and visiting alumni companies,EEAwill focus on supporting the 90th anniversary of the Department,completing themanagementrenewal, and accelerating thepreparation for the establishment of more alumni branches.

Photo: Zheng Zedong made a report

Reports by representative alumni

Wang Jian (admitted in 1986),Presidentof the Smart Factory Research Institute, first introduced the special research fields of the Smart Factory Research Institute with three key words “open”, “system” and “industry” under the title of “Industrial Practice of Open System Innovation”. Then he analyzed the construction and development of smart factoriesfacing challenges,trends, open innovation, technological innovation,engineering technology innovation and large enterprise cooperation cases in the manufacturing industry.

Photo: Wang Jian made a report

Wang Yang (admitted in 2002), CEO of BeijingTsIntenergyTechnology Co., Ltd., brought a report entitled “Electricity Market Reform and Energy Digitizationunder Dual Carbon”. Starting from the challenges faced by the power system and the changes in the power system reform, he explained the internal relevance of the “dual carbon” strategy, power market reform and energy digitization, and introducedthe integrated solutionfor the cloudside based onsmart dataservicethat can support the efficient operation of the energy system.

Photo: Wang Yang made a report

Interesting big data

What’s your most memorable course for alumni ofEEA during their undergraduate studies? Are you engaged in the major you studied after graduation? What is the frequency of gatherings among alumni? Liu Yi (admitted in 1999),Vice Presidentof Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute, released the interesting big data of alumni ofEEAat the meeting. The data takes the participating alumni and guests as the scope of investigation, and something interesting was found in the investigationon the basic information of graduate alumni and their work, life,andentertainment, etc., reflecting the wonderful life of theEEAalumni and their love to EEA and Tsinghua University.

Photo: Liu Yi released interesting big data

Sharing by representative alumni

In the sharing sessionby representative alumni, Xie Xiaoping (admitted in 1959), a retired teacher ofEEA), Guo Qinglai (admitted in 1996), aprofessor ofEEA, Jin Heping (receiving a postdoctoral degree in 2011), CIOof the Yangtze Three Gorges Corporation,Li Rui (Ph.D. in 2006),deputygeneral managerof the Biotechnology Department of China Southern Power Grid, Hu Feixiong (admitted in 1993), Deputy General Manager of China Southern Power Grid International Co., Ltd., Gao Hong (admitted in 1981), Vice President of ABB Power Grid Co., Ltd., Li Shu (admitted in 1999), Senior Director Li Shu of Alibaba,Wang Shicheng (admitted in 1989), chairman ofBeijingSoaringElectrical Technology Co., Ltd. (level 1989) and Chen Weibin (admitted in 1996), founder of an famousAI Team, et alwho have made achievements in their respectivefieldstook the stage one by one, and shared their personal growth experienceandthe feelings oftheir alma mater with participating alumni based on their own realities.

Photo:Sharing byrepresentativealumni

"With great mountainsin the west and vast sea in the east, Tsinghua issolemn in between.” This annual meeting was successfully concluded withthe Songof Tsinghua Universitysung by all participating alumni.

Group photo of participating alumni

At this annual meeting, all the alumni participating in the meetingenjoyedthemselves. The annual meeting fully condensed the strength of alumni, built an exchange platform for narrating friendship and working together, showing the high spirit of theEEAalumni, andconveyedthe love and warmth of the alumni forEEA and Tsinghua University. Itinjectedastrong momentum for the innovative development of EEA in the new era, laida solid foundation for the 90th anniversary celebration ofEEA, and is playinga prelude to endeavor.

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