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On the afternoon of October 13, thegraduation ceremonyfor the3rdChina-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School was jointly held online by the Department of Electrical Engineeringand Applied Electronicsof Tsinghua University, the University of Bergamo and the University of Naples, Italy. Zhu Guiping and Yu Zhanqing, Deputy Deans of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics, Tsinghua University, Sergio Cavalieri, Vice President of Innovation and Technology Transfer, University of Bergamo, Fabio Villone, Associate Dean of the School of Electrical and Information Technology, University of Naples, Giovanni Breglio, Professor of the University of Naples, Zhang Jindan,Provost of Postgraduate Students of the Department of Electrical Engineeringand Applied Electronics, andmore than 30 Chinese and Italian students attended thegraduation ceremony. Thegraduation ceremony was presided over by Wang Jian, Secretary General of China Sci-tech Automation Alliance.

Online photo of Chinese and Italian participants

First of all, Secretary-General Wang Jian congratulated the successful holding of theChina-ItalySummer School in 2021, and expressed his sincere gratitude to theteachingprofessors and industry experts from thefields ofadvanced manufacturingin the two countries. As an important activity of the “China-Italy Joint Laboratory onAdvanced Manufacturing”, theChina-Italy Summer School, which has been continuously held in the past three years, has played a key role in promoting academic and cultural exchanges between Chinese and Italianpostgraduate students.

Wang Jian presided over the graduation ceremony

Next, Professor Fabio Villone from the University of Naples, Italy, Professor Zhu Guiping from Tsinghua University, and Professor Sergio Cavalieri from the University of Bergamo, Italy delivered speeches respectively. Professor Fabio Villone praised the students who actively participated in the summer school study and spoke highly of the success of this summer school. Professor Zhu Guiping said that theChina-ItalySummer School is a stage where young students from the two countries gather and collide with innovative ideas, creating a rare opportunity forsharingcutting-edge technologies in the field of advanced manufacturing andpromotinginnovative solutions. Professor Sergio Cavalieri encouraged theChina-Italy Summer School tofurtherexplore innovative models of teaching and learning, andhelooked forward to the face-to-face exchangeamong all teachers and students in the summer school next year.

Professor Fabio Villone gave a speech

Professor Zhu Guipinggave a speech

Professor Sergio Cavalierigave a speech

Subsequently, Professor Giovanni Breglio summarized the development of the3rd China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School. This summer school lasted one month, a total of 59 students from 24 universities at home and abroad participated in the 8 courses of this summer school,there was a technical match after each course, 25 scholarsand researchersfrom China and Italy share technologyand help Chinese and Italian researchers establish new scientific connections. Professor Guo Qinglai and Associate Professor Yu Zhanqing of the Department of Electrical Engineeringand Applied Electronicstaughtinthis China-Italy Summer School. Professor Li Yongdong and Assistant Professor Ji Shiqi participated in the technical match and academic exchangeswith Italian experts and scholars.

Professor Giovanni Breglio summarized the3rd China-ItalySummerSchool

Finally, Professor Zhu Guiping and Professor Sergio Cavalieri announced the list of students who won the third China-Italy summer schoolgraduation certificates. A total of 19 students met the attendance requirements and had excellent exam results and were awarded thegraduationcertificates. The two teachers issued certificates to each student online and congratulated everyone on their outstanding achievements in the summer school. The members of the “China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Joint Laboratory” expressed that they willwork together and collaborate side by side to make greater contributions to the promotion of talent training and cutting-edge technology research and development in the two countries.

China-Italy Joint Laboratory on Advanced Manufacturing (CI-LAM) is the earliest cooperation project between China and Italy in the field of intelligent manufacturing/ smart factory and manufacturing digitalization. The purpose of CI-LAM is to promote and strengthen cooperation between the two countries in talent training and cutting-edge technology research and development, including technology transfer and entrepreneurial incubation, and its vision is to become the most effective and successful cooperation bridge in the field of advanced manufacturing and intelligent robots between China and Italy. "China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School" is one of the important activities organized by CI-LAM for the exchange between Chinese and Italian students. In 2020, the "2020 China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School" was all conducted in the form of online reports and exchanges against the outbreak of theCOVID-19.

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