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On October 15,the Innovation LeadingClass 11 ofPh.D. of Engineering (Southwest Project) ofTsinghua University, admitted in 2021, held a class meeting themed“Concentrated at Initial Intention· Persisting in Creation” and team building activities for the new semester. Nearly forty people including Professor Xiao Xi, Deputy Dean of thePostgraduate School and Executive Director of the Engineering Degree Center, responsible professors Gao Wensheng and Wu Dan, Lu Yiqian,head offeatured projects for Ph.D. of Engineering,head teacherZhang Jindan, and engineering doctoral students attended the themed class meeting, which is presided over by the class leaderHe Xin.

Group photo oftheteachers and students

At the beginning of the class meeting, Xiao Xi gave a speech for the theme class meeting, welcoming all engineering doctoral students to “return to studyat a higher level after deep practices” and encourage everyone to cherish the precious opportunities for learning. XiaoXialso introduced the background and training goals of the Southwest Project of Tsinghua University Innovation LeadingPh.D. in Engineering, and encouraged the whole class tostandon the national and regional development strategic stage, promote high-quality development in SouthwestChina, andstrive to become high-level innovation leaders.

Xiao Xi gave a speech

Subsequently, Gao Wensheng, Wu Dan, Zhang Jindan, and Lu Yiqian gave speeches respectively, combining the spirit of Tsinghua and the characteristics of the class, introduced in depth and detail the key links and specific requirementsin the engineering doctorate training process, put forward strict requirements for the learning tasksin the new semester, urge thestudents to clarify their learning goals, correct their learning attitudes, pay attention to teacher-student exchanges, broaden their academic horizons, and promote technological innovation.

Gao Wensheng (top left), Wu Dan (top right), Zhang Jindan (bottom left)

 and Lu Yiqian (bottom right)gave speeches

During the activity,the CPC classbranch secretary Mao Yanpian, class leader He Xin, and classcommitteemembers introduced the next stage of the class’s learning plan, publicity tasks and activity arrangements to all teachers and students in detail, and answered various questions that everyoneconcerns. Since its establishment, theCPCbranch committee and class committee have actively carried out and planned various class work, established class communication and feedback mechanisms, served enthusiastically to students, andorganized a series of class activities to assist the whole class in school learning, team activities and project research, etc.

CPC class branch secretary Mao Yanpian and class leaderHe Xin gave speeches

The successful holding of this thematic class meeting hasenhanced the relationship between teachers and students, deepens the understanding of the whole class about the learning plan and various special activities of this semester on the one hand, andstrengthened the cohesion of the class and the sense of belonging of the students on the other hand. Aiming to build a harmonious class“Concentrated at Initial Intention· Persisting in Creation”, thewhole classwork hard inthe new semester and embark on a new journey with a new look.

The“Southwest Project ofInnovation LeadingPh.D. ofEngineering Doctorateof Tsinghua University” is committed to serving the national regional development strategy, and is oriented to serve the national key industriesand innovative enterprisesin the fields of power and energy, resource environment, intelligent manufacturing, information technology,advanced materials, civil engineering and water conservancy inSouthwest China, and cultivate high-level innovative leading talents centered at theChengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle and radiating the sub-projects in Southwest China.11 departments and schools ofTsinghua University participate, including Department ofElectrical Engineering and Applied Electronics, Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Department of Engineering Physics, Department ofHydraulic Engineering, School of Environment,Schoolof Materials Sciences and Engineering,School of Software, Department of Automation, Department of Mechanical Engineering,School of Aerospace Engineering, andDepartment of Civil Engineering.In 2021, a total of 32 studentsfrom major enterprises in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming and so on wereenrolled in the Southwest China Project of Innovating Leading Ph.D. ofEngineering, and enrollment for theSouthwestChinaProject in 2022 is proceeding.

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