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On the long road of teaching and scientific research, Mei Shengwei is like a tireless light seeker, illuminating everyone around him. Mei Shengwei often said that as a teacher in Tsinghua, one should focus on the future, do real things for the country, and solve practical technical and scientific problems. Having done this well, the value of life will be realized to the greatest extent.

On November 17, 2016, Mei Shengwei delivered an academic report at the Academician chinese society of electrical engineering Expert Forum.

Devoted to scientific research and devoted to educating people.

Mei Shengwei has been engaged in energy and electricity research in Tsinghua University for more than 20 years. In his work, he Do not forget your initiative mind, keeping in mind the mission of a communist party member to contribute to the country, has always been working in the front line of teaching and research, actively exploring new teaching and research directions, and has achieved fruitful results.

In academic research, Mei Shengwei adheres to Tsinghua's scientific research spirit of "indomitable spirit", devotes himself to studying and has the courage to practice. On campus, he can be seen busy in his office and laboratory on weekends and at night. Outside school, he spends more than 180 days a year fighting on the project site. He led the team to establish the power system nonlinear robust control theory and self-organizing criticality theory, proposed the power system transient analysis semi-tensor product method and the new energy power system dispatching control method based on game theory, and solved the two major scientific problems of power system nonlinear robust controller construction and cascading failure mechanism identification. A nonlinear robust excitation controller for generator units, an on-line active blocking system for AC-DC power system cascading failures, and a non-combustion compressed air energy storage system have been developed, breaking through the three technical bottlenecks of anti-interference excitation control for generator units, catastrophic prevention of cascading failures in large power grids, and efficient physical energy storage. The results have been applied to dozens of provincial power systems and many national defense projects in China.

As the above achievements are of remarkable originality and pioneering, Mei Shengwei has successively won a number of national awards. These honors are not only recognition of Mei Shengwei's academic and scientific research level, but also praise of his scientific spirit which he has been assiduously pursuing for decades.

As a university teacher, Mei Shengwei attaches great importance to his performance in teaching. Tsinghua University's "teaching and educating award" and the title of "good teacher and helpful friend" for graduate students are the honors he cherishes very much. "I won the" teaching and educating award "in 2003, which had a great impact on me as a young teacher at that time. There are many teachers who preach and teach, but it is not easy to really solve students' doubts in study, life and work. “ Mei Shengwei said with deep feeling. Mei Shengwei believes that "there are as many students as there are teachers" and therefore pays special attention to guiding students. He always stressed to the students repeatedly: "When you come to Tsinghua to study, you have to face two peaks: one is the peak of academic and knowledge, and you have to dare to climb and continuously improve. The second is the peak of life and morality. We must be steadfast and realistic. “ In the process of teaching, Mei Shengwei also got valuable intangible wealth from students. "Facing so many excellent students in Tsinghua, how can we teachers not keep improving and constantly improve ourselves? This is the reason why a rising tide lifts all boats. "

Because of this, although the scientific research task is very heavy, Mei Shengwei still cherishes the time of teaching in Tsinghua. On one occasion, because of an emergency, Mei Shengwei got up at 4 o'clock in the morning to catch the earliest 6 o'clock flight to Qinghai. Thinking about the course to be taken in Tsinghua the next day, as soon as the business was over, Mei Shengwei hurried back on his way. As a result, he was delayed by the plane. In order to attend class on time, he must first fly to Tianjin Binhai International Airport and then take a bus from Tianjin to Tsinghua the next morning. "I believe many colleagues feel the same way about this rush. This is the responsibility of teachers in Tsinghua to their students and their love for teaching.” Mei Shengwei said.

The basic postgraduate degree course "Modern Control Theory and Engineering Application" offered and taught by Mei Shengwei has realized English teaching, aiming at enabling students to effectively improve their English level while mastering theories and basic methods. Due to his careful preparation and careful teaching, the course was soon selected as a top-quality postgraduate course in Tsinghua University. His courses of "complexity of power grid and safety of large power grid" and "engineering game theory" have also been well received by teachers and students.

Love the West, Chasing Qinghai

The numerous awards and honors did not make Mei Shengwei relax his demands on himself. On the contrary, they urged him to work harder and devote himself sincerely on the road of teaching and scientific research, influencing everyone around him with his words and deeds. Mei Shengwei often said that as a teacher in Tsinghua and a member of the Communist Party of China, one should focus on the future and do more practical things for the country to solve the technical and scientific problems that the country and society need to solve. Only by doing this well can the value of life be realized to the greatest extent. Based on this understanding, in addition to the scientific research and teaching work in Tsinghua, Mei Shengwei has resolutely undertaken the two tasks of counterpart support to the west (Qinghai University and Xinjiang University) and the demonstration project of compressed air energy storage in Jintan, Jiangsu, National Energy Administration.

Mei Shengwei works on the spot in Qinghai University photothermal system.

In 2014, Mei Shengwei's spirit of counterpart support in Tsinghua inspired him to Qinghai University. He took the sense of responsibility and mission of the communist party members, helping the western universities and revitalizing the western science and technology as his own duty, which lasted for five years.

Mei Shengwei was born and raised in Xinjiang, and his alma mater is Xinjiang University with a strong foundation in electrical engineering research. He has deep feelings for the western region. After arriving in Qinghai, he entered the state in the shortest time in both life and work. He is no stranger to the environment here, and his daily life is very similar to that in Xinjiang.

With the determination of "not to build Qinghai University's new energy field into the forefront of the country, he will not return to Tsinghua". Mei Shengwei regards Qinghai as his second hometown and has to go back and forth to Qinghai many times a month. He even goes to Qinghai University every week when he is busiest (on November 22, 2018, in order not to delay the class, he even set a record of two trips from Beijing to Xining in one day). He takes everyone to do research, encourages everyone to declare projects and guides everyone to write articles. In order not to cause trouble to the school, he often takes a taxi late at night to the "standard room" of less than 20 square meters to continue his work. To this, Mei Shengwei always said: "I am a counterpart support cadre, I have come to contribute to Qinghai University, not to enjoy it. I don't ask for anything in my life and can't cause trouble to the organization."

When taking over the heavy burden at the beginning, Mei Shengwei clearly realized that counterpart support should not only focus on dedication, but should be based on Qinghai's resource advantages, based on Qinghai University's school-running characteristics, combine dedication and pioneering spirit, continuously upgrade itself, and promote the common development of teachers and students in Qinghai University.

After five years of hard work, Mei Shengwei has fulfilled its promise that Qinghai University will lead the nation's colleges and universities in many aspects of energy, making a leap from blood transfusion to hematopoiesis.

In Qinghai University, he set up the first national research team covering six first-class disciplines such as machinery, computer and thermal engineering, namely the New Energy Photovoltaic Industry Research Center, which laid a solid human foundation for Qinghai University to realize "self-hematopoiesis". With excellent scientific research ability and the pioneering and leading role of Party members who set an example, Mei Shengwei has attracted a large number of scientific research workers from different schools and disciplines in the past five years, joining him in the construction of the western region and making concerted innovations in various fields of new energy.

He initiated a new discipline in Qinghai University-new energy discipline. With keen insight into cutting-edge science, profound theoretical foundation and technological accumulation, Mei Shengwei established a new energy discipline in Qinghai University. In order to make this discipline have the vitality of engineering practice, Mei Shengwei has been rushing about in many ways. Finally, it has set up the largest solar energy research experimental base with the most complete equipment and functions among the universities in the country in Qinghai University. It has made use of the most advanced solar energy technology at home and abroad to make it an effective platform for Qinghai University to carry out production, study and research.

He also brought Qinghai University's first international cooperation project, "Recycling Carbon Fiber Materials from Retired Aircraft," which is also the world's first photothermal recycling wing carbon fiber system. With the support of Tsinghua University and after repeated discussions with Boeing, Mei Shengwei successfully built a recycling base for retired aircraft in Qinghai, injecting new vitality into the realization of circular economy and sustainable development in the remote western plateau.

In addition, Mei Shengwei and his team have also built Energy Internet with the leading domestic level for Qinghai University, including a 50kW multi-functional photovoltaic power station for the campus, a 100kW compressed air energy storage power generation system, a plateau thermal airflow power generation system integrating solar power generation and ecological preservation, a 110kW library microgrid system combining building and photovoltaic power generation technologies, etc. This micro-energy network has already supplied power and stored energy for many buildings in Qinghai University.

On July 26, 2016, Mei Shengwei reported to Wang Guosheng, Secretary of Qinghai Provincial Committee

For five years in Qinghai, Mei Shengwei was full of gratitude to this land. Not only the sunshine, rain and dew, trees and water and soil here provide the most precious conditions for new energy research, but also the strong support of Qinghai and Qinghai University for renewable energy and clean energy power generation. "After I went to Qinghai, I felt very deeply that many things that I had not been able to do before could be done here. My work has always revolved around a red line-we can continue to do some What? for the development of the western region. “ In Qinghai, Mei Shengwei continued his western complex with dedication.

In addition to natural and economic constraints, ethnic and social issues are also more sensitive in remote areas in the west. Mei Shengwei knows very well that his words and deeds in Qinghai represent Tsinghua, and also reflect the due responsibility of a Communist Party member. "In such an environment, it is even more important to play a vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and to have the integrity and sense of justice of Party members. In the specific work, we should seek truth from facts; When educating students, we should teach them by word and deed."

When it comes to counterpart support, Mei Shengwei does not mention difficulties, but only gratitude-thanks to Qinghai Province and Qinghai University for their help and support in his work, and thanks to Tsinghua University for giving the "green light" to his counterpart support in many ways, taking the overall development of the country as a priority. The three-year term of counterpart support has expired. Mei Shengwei still sticks to Qinghai University and continues to contribute his own strength to Qinghai University and the construction of the western region, because he believes that "the mission entrusted to me by the organization and Tsinghua should be to make long-term contributions to the development of the western region, not just temporary support.” In Tsinghua, Mei Shengwei is carrying out the lofty mission of a communist with practical actions.

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