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On the evening of March 29, 2019, the 18th Student Festival of Department of Electrical Engineering & Applied Electronic Technology (EEA) of Tsinghua University (THU) was held successfully in the THU auditorium. Bing Hao, secretary of the THU Youth League Committee, Geng Rui, vice-minister of the Student Department of the THU Party Committee, Wang Qian, vice-minister of the Student Department of the THU Party Committee, Jia Xi, vice-director of the THU Party Office, Yu Shui, director of the Donation Service Department of the Tsinghua Alumni Association, Guo Song, director of the dispatching office of the International Section, Jia Long, director of the Organizational Department of the THU League Committee, Xu Tewei, member of the THU Party Committee, Ms Zhang Wan, teacher of the IET British, Yu Xinjie, secretary of the EEA Party Committee, Zheng Zedong, deputy secretary of the EEA Party Committee, Ding Qingqing, head of the Student Working Group of the EEA Party Committee, Mr. Dang Zhimin, class teacher of EEA Grade 6, and Mr. Guo Qinglai, class teacher of EEA Class 71, attended the Festival.

The theme of this Student Festival is "Energizing Time", which has multiple meanings. On the one hand, it is in line with the discipline characteristics of the EEA, which takes electricity as the core, implying that the lights are bright at the instantaneous energizing Time. On the other hand, it also implies the Time when sparks are generated in students’ heart. Whether it is a flash of inspiration in scientific research or a glance back in love, it includes the meaning of Energizing Time. This theme not only combines the characteristics of this major, but also makes students full of passion. According to this theme, this student Festival strives to create a "sense of technology" atmosphere, so that visiting guests and students can feel the charm of the theme of "Energizing Time" and enjoy a wonderful night.

At 6:30 p.m., the evening party officially began, and the opening video of the Students' Union of EEA opened the prelude to the evening party. Subsequently, the Shi Xiaoguo Band of the EEA brought three songs of different styles, which ignited the warm atmosphere of the whole audience. After that, six presenters dressed up came on stage and Mr. Yu Xinjie gave an opening speech for the evening party. He thanked the guests and classmates for their arrival. He highly appraised the students' festival of the EEA over the years. He believed that the students' festival was a high-level stage to show the spiritual outlook of the EEA students. He also encouraged the EEA students in their work and preparations for the evening party.

The students' Festival program has various forms, and maintains the high level of EEA students' Festival program. There are comedies NPY Pursuit Stories and the Dream-driven King Beauty; dance show "Creating EEA Class 63" which imitates the form of variety shows; stage play "Before and Behind" which depicts the sincere feelings among students; and cross talk performance of the quyi troupe. Student Working Group’s video "Big Guide Takes You Fly (Afterword)" is close to the students' lives, showing the concern of the members of the working group to the students, while using humor to arouse the laughter of the audience.This Student Festival also commended the 10 outstanding individuals or groups emerged from EEA students in the past year - the annual outstanding students of the EEA. Mr. Yu Xinjie, Secretary of the EEA Party Committee, and Mr. Zheng Zedong, deputy Secretary of the EEA Party Committee, presented awards for the annual outstanding students.

At the end of the evening, the graduation program of EEA Class 5 recalled their university life through DV records with the chorus of the song "Those Years", expressed the graduates' deep nostalgia for Tsinghua Campus, and pushed the evening party to a climax again. In the singing, the party officially ended.

This Student Festival provides a high-level evening party for students in the EEA and other departments, showing the elegance and charm of the EEA teachers and students beyond their studies. The Student Festival as a platform made every student have the opportunity to show themselves on this platform. It carries the dreams of every session of EEA teachers and students, so that they are striding forward on the road of pursuing their dreams.

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