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On the evening of March 29, 2019, the "Annual Outstanding Students" Award Ceremony of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Applied Electronic Technology (EEA), Tsinghua University sponsored by the EEA Committee of the Communist Youth League was held in the auditorium of Tsinghua University. Ten EEA students or groups selected by the popular vote and the jury were awarded the "Annual Outstanding Students", while Yu Xinjie, the Party Secretary of the EEA, and Zheng Zedong, vice secretary of the Party Committee, presented the "Annual Outstanding Students" Awards to the winners.

Ten award-winning students/groups have demonstrated outstanding deeds and hardworking spirit in such aspects as patriotic dedication, Party and League building, entrepreneurship practice, academic creation, sports, literature and art, and volunteering for social workers. Among them: Jia Shengyu, the enthusiastic social worker and the president of the EEA Students' Union who was also elected to the Spark Project; Wang Zhisheng, an innovative entrepreneur and co-founder and CTO of Clustertech; Yi Zheshu, who won the IEEE 2008 International Energy Challenge Competition Outstanding Performance Award; Zhou Biao, who contributed 18 SCI papers and 11 EI papers published in top journals such as Advanced Materials, and were cited totally more than 370 times;. EEA Class 51, which was granted with the THU Class-A League Branch for three consecutive years and 25 students in the whole class participating in the Party Lecture Group; EEA Class 63, which won the 2017—2018 THU excellent class and performed at the THU Students Festival at the junior stage; Party branch of EEA Class 7, which was awarded two times advanced Party branch of undergraduate students of Tsinghua University and had the most of Party activists in history of the EEA; EEA women’s basketball team, which kept Top Four Teams of John Ma Cup in five consecutive years; EEA men's volleyball team, which entered the Top Four Team from this year's John Ma Cup group by winning the first in the group competition; the Deep Sea Exploring Branch Team, which had the honour to receive the first prize of "General Secretary’s Reform Progress" organized by the TMS General Association.

This selection reflects the diversity and profundity of "Annual Outstanding Students". Ten awardees, who are from scientific research, social work, practice, sports, literature and art, and entrepreneurship, have achieved a variety of brilliant harvest, and practiced unlimited possibilities, fully reflecting the education philosophy and achievements of the EEA. The selection attracted the teachers and students in the EEA from enrollment of candidates to public voting. The candidates' introductory articles attracted nearly 2,000 people to read and share, and formed a wide range of attention and discussion both inside and outside the EEA. The "Annual Outstanding Students" award ceremony sponsored by the Committee of the EEA Communist Youth League started in 2016, aiming to select representative EEA students with both political integrity and performance competence, to rally the youth to carry forward their enterprising spirit.

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