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On March 27, Elsevier released its highly anticipated 2023 “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list. Among them, 17 teachers from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics, Tsinghua University, including Chen Qixin, Dang Zhimin, He Jinliang, Hu Zechun, Kang Chongqing, Liu Feng, Mei Shengwei, Song Qiang, Sun Hongbin, Sun Kai, Wu Wenchuan, Wei Wei, Xie Xiaorong, Xia Qing, Zhao Biao, Zhong Haiwang, and Zhang Ning, were included in the “Electrical Engineering” category.

In 2023, Tsinghua University had 266 scholars selected as Highly Cited Chinese Researchers, with a total of 131 scholars selected in the field of electrical engineering nationwide.

Elsevier’s release of the “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list not only aims to systematically showcase the talent distribution in China’s scientific research field but also accurately presents the composition of advantageous disciplines and academic influence of various institutions and universities, as well as the top talents in key technological research and various focus areas. The 2023 “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list includes 5,801 individuals from 496 universities, enterprises, and research institutions, covering 10 disciplines designated by the Ministry of Education and 84 primary disciplines.

The selection criteria for the 2023 “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list by Elsevier include: authors of research outputs indexed in Scopus with affiliations from institutions in mainland China and currently working in China, including non-Chinese and non-ethnic Chinese scholars; only research outputs where the above-mentioned scholars are listed as first authors or corresponding authors are counted; the research outputs of the above-mentioned scholars are classified according to the disciplinary classification system of the Ministry of Education in Scopus. The number of scholars selected in each discipline is related to the number of authors affiliated with Chinese institutions indexed in Scopus in that discipline. The research outputs of the scholars listed in the list (as first authors or corresponding authors) need to meet the following criteria: having more than one indexed publication (excluding), the total number of citations of indexed publications meets the threshold condition of the discipline, and at least one publication is in the top 1% of highly cited publications globally, or the overall FWCI (Field-Weighted Citation Impact) of publications where the scholar is listed as the first author or corresponding author is higher than 1.

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