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On the afternoon of September 3, 2023, the Student Work Seminar of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) for year 2023 was held in Room 3-217 of the West Main Building. The event was attended by more than 60 key personnel involved in student work, including Yu Xinjie, Party Secretary of EEA, Shen Yutong from the Students’ Psychological Development Guidance Center of Tsinghua University, Zheng Zedong, Deputy Party Secretary of EEA, Zhang Ling, Party Secretary of the Student Group of EEA, Zhong Haiwang, Leader of the Research and Development Group of EEA, Liu Lin, member of the Party Committee of EEA, Zhang Jie from EEAs Employment Office and Alumni Office, Luo Jiao, assistant for student work of EEA, as well as undergraduate counselors, graduate moral education assistants, major student leaders from the Student Union and Graduate Student Union, Party branch secretaries, Youth League branch secretaries, and class representatives. Zhong Haiwang, Leader of the Research and Development Group of EEA, presided over the meeting.

The meeting began with a speech by Yu Xinjie, Party Secretary of EEA. He acknowledged the achievements made in student work at EEA over the past year and expressed gratitude to all the distinguished guests and key personnel attending this seminar. He mentioned that student work is currently facing various changes and challenges in terms of target groups and the campus environment. Therefore, he encouraged the attending teachers and key student personnel to engage in in-depth discussions, active learning, and find effective means to cope with the current situation.

Yu Xinjie delivered a speech

Next, Shen Yutong from the Students’ Psychological Development Guidance Center of Tsinghua University gave a presentation on “Students’ Psychological Education Work”. She first introduced the framework of mental health education at Tsinghua University. Then, she discussed the different characteristics and key issues of students’ psychology at various stages, including adaptation, developmental challenges, and career decision-making. Finally, she introduced Tsinghuas psychological services and crisis response mechanisms, sharing relevant support resources for psychological matters at the university.

Shen Yutong gave a report

Zheng Zedong, Deputy Party Secretary of EEA, presented the work report titled “Student Work and Talent Development at the Department of Electrical Engineering for 2023”. He began by introducing the student work team of EEA. He then discussed the results achieved and the areas for improvement in EEAs student work in terms of party building, cultural and sports activities, labor education, academic and extracurricular scientific activities, social practice, and career development. Lastly, he summarized the work to be carried out in the next phase from the perspectives of team building, academic culture development, technological atmosphere, and sports activities, emphasizing the focus on talent development.

Zheng Zedong gave a report

Undergraduate counselor, Tian Xin, shared her experiences from the past two years in her role under the theme “Walking Together, Growing Together”. She first summarized her work experience in three sections: “Focus on key points with a closed loop”, Stay grounded and be empathetic” and “Charge often and remain determined”. She pointed out the need to grasp the central issues at various stages of students’ growth, to be empathetic and knowledgeable listeners, and to continuously learn to enhance work capabilities. She also shared the gains and personal growth she experienced while serving as a counselor and provided a forward-looking view of future work improvements.

Tian Xin shared her views

Sheng Yujie, Deputy Leader of the Research and Development Group and Practical Promotion Assistant at EEA, gave a report titled “Building Bridges between the Department and the Base” on the topic of social practice for doctoral students under the Research and Development Group. He first introduced the basic situation of the social practice work for doctoral students in EEA. Then, he provided a detailed overview of the accomplishments and experiences in the EEA’s social practice work, covering aspects like base establishment and project collection before the practice, base visits and practice promotions during the practice, and results summary and feedback improvement after the practice. He concluded by summarizing future efforts in the work.

Sheng Yujie shared his views

In the subsequent group discussion session, participants were divided into four small groups to engage in lively discussions on party building, collective development, orientation and ideological education, and psychological well-being. They actively offered suggestions and ideas for addressing the current issues in student work and potential solutions.

Discussion in groups

After the group discussions, representatives from each group reported on the outcomes of their respective discussions, presenting many constructive suggestions for improving student work at EEA.

Group reports

Finally, Zheng Zedong, Deputy Party Secretary of EEA, delivered the closing remarks for the meeting. The Student Work Seminar of EEA for Year 2023 concluded with applause. This seminar provided valuable advice on how to further enhance student work at EEA, laying a solid foundation for future endeavors in this field.

Group photo after the seminar

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