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On the morning of July 5, the major project report meeting for the first half of 2023 was convened by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) at the project site in Ulanqab. The meeting featured 15 significant projects undertaken in collaboration with entities such as the Three Gorges Energy Company. The conference was conducted through a blend of online and offline approaches.

Tsinghua Universitys experts in attendance included Wang Yan, Head of the Technology Transfer Office; Yang Shusheng, Senior Manager of the Technology Transfer Office; Wang Yuying, Deputy Director of the Laboratory Management Office; Hu Yang, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Development Office; Min Yong, Director of the State Key Laboratory of New-type Power System Operation and Control; Yu Xinjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of EEA; He Jinliang, Director of the Academic Committee; and Yu Zhanqing, Deputy Dean of EEA, among others. They were invited to supervise and provide feedback on the project presentations. The meeting was also attended by over 20 project leaders and research personnel.

Some on-site participants

Some online participants

The meeting was chaired by Lu Chao, Deputy Dean of EEA. He began by providing a brief overview of EEAs research activities during the first half of 2023 and emphasized the significance of supervising the progress of major projects.

Subsequently, the following representatives presented their respective projects: Zhou Yanglin for the “Key Technologies in Large-Scale Advanced Power Storage” and the “Mixed Sodium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System for New Energy Storage Technology Verification Platform”; Guo Yongshui for the “Research and System Development of Online Evaluation Methods for Large-Scale Energy Storage System Operation”; Yang Qiaoyin for the “Key Technologies and Demonstration Applications of Integrated Source-Grid-Load Energy Storage under Carbon Neutrality Vision”; Chen Lei for the “Theoretical Research, Technical Development, and Engineering Demonstration of Fast-Response Energy Storage Coordinated Frequency Regulation with Wind Turbine Units”; Zhao Biao for the “Key Technologies and Core Equipment Research for Large-Scale New Energy DC Integration” and the “STATCOM and Energy Storage Integrated System”; Zhang Tong for the “Key Technologies in Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage System for Wind and Solar Integration”; Xue Xiaodai for the “Key Technologies in Multi-Source Thermal Energy Storage Compressed Air (Energy Storage) Hub” and the “Technical Support for Compressed Air Energy Storage Demonstration Project Utilizing Existing Mine Conversions”; Sun Kai for the “Collaborative Agreement (Phase I) on Integration of Photo-Electrolysis Hydrogen Production and Storage System”; Hu Jun for the “Development and Consulting Services of Fundamental Sensing Components and Measurement Methods Based on Intelligent Sensors and Transparent Grid Platform”; Wei Yingdong for the “Continuous Phase Traction Power Supply System” and “Research and Development of Bidirectional Inverter and Simulation Platform for the Flexible Straight Line of Beijing Subway Line 13A”; and Li Xiaoqian for the “Collaborative Control of Flexible Straight Line Traction Power Supply and Central-Level Energy Management System for Beijing Subway Line 13A”. Each presentation was followed by a question and answer session with the expert panel.

During the session for summary and discussion, the expert panel provided overall positive feedback on the current stage of each project, commending EEA for its organized research and management efforts in the field of major project research. Constructive feedback and suggestions were also offered regarding aspects like equipment procurement and outcome transformation during the project’s progression.

Prior to the commencement of the report meeting, all attendees had the opportunity to visit the “Three Gorges Modern Energy Innovation Demonstration Park” of China Three Gorges Group and receive an introduction to the park’s research activities from its personnel.

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