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On the morning of April 13, a group of 10 people from the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., including Si Weiguo, Chairman and Party Secretary, Li Yu, Chief Engineer of the company, Zhao Mingjun, Director of the Technology Digitalization Division, Sun Yijian, Director of the Power Dispatching and Control Center, and Jia Hao, Deputy Director of the Party Committee Office, visited the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) for exchange. Having shared the views on the content of cooperation, the two sides held a ceremony and signed a letter of intent for cooperation.


Kang Zhongqing, Dean of EEA, accompanied the visit to EEAs historical exhibition hall and gave a comprehensive introduction to the history of EEA. Lu Chao, Deputy Dean of EEA, Hu Wei, Assistant Dean of EEA and Chen Lei, Assistant Director of the State Grid Joint Research Institute, accompanies the visit to the state key laboratory, introduced the current scientific research work being carried out, such as IGCT-plus power devices and module equipment, and power system simulation technology, etc. Ma Ningning introduced the establishment and development of the laboratory, and they watched the promotional video for the state key laboratory together.

At the symposium, Si Weiguo proposed that the company will focus on five areas of cooperation, including the actualization of innovative demonstration projects for new power systems, transformation of energy to green and low-carbon, safe and stable operation of power grids, digitalization of power grids, and construction of the power market. The company will also strengthen the establishment of a normalized liaison mechanism with EEA, continuously deepen and expand cooperation areas, and focus on key technology research. Li Yu introduced the specific situation and proposed 26 specific cooperation requirements from the perspectives of equipment, network connection, marketing, scheduling, transactions, and digitization. Zhao Mingjun and Sun Yijun respectively explained and discussed the specific needs in their respective fields. In the summary, Si Weiguo emphasized the expectation of deep cooperation in industry, academia and research with EEA and the State Key Laboratory of New Power System Operation and Control to jointly build an industrial demonstration application base.

Kang Zhongqing warmly welcomed the visit of Xinjiang Electric Power Company and enthusiastically responded to their expectations for cooperation. He mentioned the good cooperation foundation in the early stage of both parties, and said that he will support Xinjiang Electric Power Company to promote the demonstration of new power system in the whole region through various ways such as planning consultation, project cooperation and talent exchange, etc., and gave suggestions and made deployment on accelerating the follow-up cooperation. Lu Chao introduced the discipline construction and latest scientific research progress of EEA and the State Key Laboratory of New Type Power System, focusing on the organized scientific research carried out under the framework of “one department, two institutes, one office and one alliance”. During his speech, He Jinliang, director of the academic committee, suggested that in order to achieve the comprehensive application of distributed sensing technology, it is necessary to promote the construction of intelligent power transmission lines, smart distribution systems, smart equipment and smart grids, and make breakthroughs in intelligent insulation materials, recyclable insulation materials, high-capacity power electronic devices, and other fields to drive the leapfrog development of low-carbon power equipment.


Signing ceremony

Finally, under the witness of representatives from both sides, a letter of intent for cooperation between Xinjiang Electric Power Company and EEA, Tsinghua University was signed, which laid a good foundation for further cooperation in scientific and technological innovation and talent exchange, and carrying out joint innovation demonstration over industry, academia, research and application.


Group photo of attendees

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