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In order to further do well in organizing the application for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, on the afternoon of January 16, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics held the “2023 National Natural Science Foundation Application Mobilization Meeting”.

Kang Chongqing, Dean of EEA, made a mobilization speech. He first introduced EEAs situation in undertaking national scientific research tasks in recent years, and pointed out that funded projects are an important source of vertical projects for EEA, and it is the scientific research tradition of EEA to attach importance to fund applications. It is necessary to pay timely attention to the reform trends of the National Natural Science Foundation and the release of project guidelines, condense research directions, refine scientific issues, do university research and take on major tasks. EEA needs to enhance the application for joint fund key projects, talent projects and international cooperation projects. He emphasized that strengthening basic research and talent team building have become key points of national science and technology development, and encouraged qualified postdoctoral fellows to actively apply for these projects, abide by scientific research integrity and improve personal scientific research capabilities.

Yu Zhanqing, Deputy Dean of EEA, started with the significance of applying for the fund, reviewed and summarized the application and approval of the fund for EEA in 2022, introduced some key projects in the Guidelines of Application for 2023 National Natural Science Foundation, and assigned work on the application for the fund in 2023.

Hao Ling and Li Yalun, postdoctoral fellows in EEA, delivered speeches and shared their experience on successfully applying for the fund from the perspectives of fund subject selection, title conception, content improvement, fund review and literature review, etc.

Zhou Kai, deputy director of the project department of the Research & Development Affairs of Tsinghua University, was invited to the mobilization meeting. She introduced the fund policies and details about project application and fund committee review in 2022. She also explained the specific requirements, precautions and application policies for 2023, emphasized the requirements for academic style, integrity, and ethics, and made a comprehensive review on key issues in fund application.

The mobilization meeting was held online, and more than 100 teachers and postdoctoral fellows from the EEA, Energy Internet Innovation Research Institute, and Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute participated in the meeting.

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