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Recently, the Office of Academic Affairs announced the commendation list of classes with excellent style of study in Tsinghua University during 2021-2022, and Class 94 and Class 13 of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) are on the list. Let’s now review their experiences in the past year and witness their persistence and dedication behind this honor.

Class 94, adhering to EEA’s motto of “Strict in learning and upright in behaving”, truly and effectively carried out the construction of the class style of study, all the 25 students did their best, helped each other, and made great achievement in the construction of style of study with a rigorous, sincere, truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude.

Group photo of Class 94

All the students in Class 13 studied hard in Grade 1 and actively created a good style of study in the class. And meanwhile, they developed comprehensively in social work, voluntary service, sports events and scientific innovation competitions, and achieved outstanding results.

Group photo of Class 13

1. Create a style of study and lay a solid foundation

Since the beginning of entering the school, Mr. Xie Xiaorong, the head teacher of Class 94, has emphasized to the students the importance of the construction of the style of study: “The job of undergraduates is still to study and lay a solid foundation for study, which is the most important thing for everyone.” The head teacher’s earnest teachings laid the foundation for the construction of the style of study in Class 94.

Near the end of each semester, the class will organize a class meeting on the construction for style of study. The study committeeman will clarify and emphasize the rules for the upcoming final exam, as well as the University’s requirements for after-class work, class attendance, experiments and other activities. Mr. Xie Xiaorong will give a concluding speech at the end of the class meeting. He mentioned that everyone should pay attention to learning and also the style of study, and especially pay attention to integrity in daily study and exams; he also said that it is necessary to strengthen team building, broaden horizons, not only focus on near goals but also have own plans for the future.

In April 2021, students from Class 94 interviewed Mr. Xie Xiaorong, the head teacher

Class 13 has outstanding overall academic performance in Grade 1, with an average score of 3.64, ranking first in the grade. Among the 31 students in the class, 4 students entered the top 10 percent of the grade, 14 students entered the top 30 percent, and 23 students entered the top 50 percent (a total of 91 students in 3 classes throughout the year). Excellent scores are inseparable from the coup they adopted to “construct the style of study”:

Class learning check-in activities: The study committeeman releases check-in tasks in the WeChat group every day, and urges the classmates to carry out learning check-in activities. Students supervise each other, improve efficiency, and form a good atmosphere of learning competition. At the same time, they will also make discussions, help and promote each other.

Class 13 learning check-in activity

Sign up for small class tutoring before the exam: students of class 13 register for small class tutoring opened by the Q&A center before the exam, where questions are answered by experienced seniors, and they can master the key points and solve difficulties in review in time, and perform better in the exam.

Students from class 13 participated in the Q&A center

“Hand in hand and never fall behind”: In daily study and life, the class committee members encourage classmates in each dormitory to conduct learning exchanges and discussions, and gradually form a dormitory learning atmosphere to help each other and make progress together. Students in class 13 often hold discussions in the unit of dormitory to promote each other's progress; at the same time, the class committee will also invite students with excellent scores to share their experience, so that no student “falls behind”.

2. Diversified activities, efficient learning

Guided by the idea of class construction focusing on the construction of the style of study, Class 94 organized a variety of learning activities against the common problems of classmates in different periods.

In the spring semester of Grade 1, the class organized self-study check-in activities with the help of online conference tools such as Tencent Meeting and ZOOM. Students are required to turn on the video to supervise each other and continue to cultivate a good style of study. In the fall semester of Grade 2, an online English learning check-in activity was organized. The students can generally persist in learning English every day or every other day and check in, achieving the desired effect. In the fall semester of Grade 3, they organized a themed class meeting on scientific research to clear the fog on the road of scientific research. At the same time, students are encouraged to form teams to participate in scientific research competitions and scientific innovation activities to enhance professional knowledge and help future planning.

In addition, the class organized academically outstanding students to sort out their study notes, integrate them into a push, and share and publish them on the class public account “Electrical Restaurant”. Their pushes were read for more than 3,500 times in total, and received wide acclaim from the students in the class and even in the department.

During the undergraduate period, Class 94 released various learning pushes

During the undergraduate period, Class 94 carried out online self-study and check-in activities

While creating a learning atmosphere in the class, the students in Class 13 also kept in mind Tsinghua University’s expectation of being “Red and professional”, actively carried out ideological education activities, and improved the party’s theoretical knowledge level through various means.

Consolidating the theory of planning — reading, discussion and thought collision

Class 13 participated in the reading club and discussing the contents of a book

Red practice with devotion — Visiting the history museum of the University and the Old Summer Palace

Class 13 took a group photo after visiting the history museum of the University

Class 13 paid a visit to the Old Summer Palace

Learning Chinese Communists’ scientist spirit from energy feats — Interview with teachers and share views

Class 13 held the autumn semester theme day

Rural revitalization strategy under the “Dual Carbon” goal — Guests sharing and peer discussion

Class 13 shared their views with seniors

3. Mutual help and win-win

For more than three years, Class 94 has always insisted on promoting emotional construction through collective activities, and deepened the friendship among classmates by exploring the capital city and organizing collective sports activities. In class activities, Class 94 has enhanced class cohesion, allowing the whole class to make progress together in an environment of mutual support and mutual promotion.

Student L in the class was affected by the pandemic in 2020. After returning to school, he was in a sluggish state, ranked at the bottom in his scores, and failed in the exam of a subject. The head teacher and counselor, having known this, talked to him and encouraged him. The class committee and roommates also joined the team to help him, regularly sorting out the learning materials for him, and talk to him heart-to-heart in the dormitory at the end of the semester and when learning difficulties to motivate him in many ways. Gradually, he regained his academic confidence, improved his scores by dozens, and actively participated in social work practice. Now he has not only won the comprehensive excellence scholarship, but also successfully obtained the opportunity to be directly promoted to Ph.D. in the department, which has become a good story among the students.

Student R in the class was also affected by the pandemic in 2020. His academic performance in the pandemic semester was at the bottom of the grade, and because of his physical illness, he had learning difficulties both physically and mentally. Similar to the situation of student L, with the attention of the counselor and his classmates and roommates, he regained his learning status and made continuous progress. In the third year, his rank improved by up to 61 places. Not only did he win the academic Excellence award, but he was also recommended by the university to study for his master’s degree without exam. His experience has become another inspirational story accumulated over time.

In the practical and interesting learning-promoting activities and colorful scientific research practices, the students of Class 94 consolidated their academic foundation, established professional identity, and clarified their future direction. The average score of the class ranks the second in the department for three consecutive years (the first beyond the international class), and there are 3 students in the top five and 11 students in the top 30 in the scores of intellectual education. 14 were directly promoted to study for Ph.D degree, more than 50% of the total number of students in the class, accounting for about 1/3 of the students directly promoted to the Ph.D stage in the whole department, ranking first in the whole department, and 88% of the students are exempted from the exams for master’s degree. In Grade 3, 24 students were awarded the Jiang Nanxiang Award, national awards and university-level scholarship, etc., and 1 was granted the honor of Outstanding Communist Youth League Member of Tsinghua University. In the past three years, the students in the class have won many honors including the National Silver Award of the “Challenge Cup” Chinese University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the first prize of the “Challenge Cup” Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, and they had many papers published. None of the students were punished due to the problem of academic style.

The solid style of study and organizational construction also enabled Class 94 to be granted the honor of “Tsinghua University First-Class Youth League Branch” twice, and the title of “Excellent Study Style Class in Tsinghua University” this year.

In October 2022, Class 94 actively participated in voluntary service

In the past year, the students of class 13 have not only achieved outstanding results in academic performance and theoretical knowledge, but also gained a lot in social work, volunteering, sports, scientific innovation and so on. After the hard work in Grade 1, 1 student of Class 13 won the National Scholarship, 5 won the Comprehensive Excellence Scholarship; 3 won academic excellence scholarships; 6 won other individual scholarships, and the class was granted honors such as “Class A Youth League Branch of the Department of Electrical Engineering” and "Class A Youth League Branch of the University”

During Grade 1, Class 13 actively participated in voluntary services, with an average of 18 hours of voluntary work per person. A total of 6 people won awards in various social work activities, of which 3 won awards for the social practice activity of “Love for Alma Mater”, 1 for “University-level Social Practice”, 1 for “Three-Star Bauhinia Volunteer” and 1 award for “Exhibition of Practice Branch of the Department of Electrical Engineering”.

Class 13 participated in the volunteer service of “Jinchun Garden” isolation point cleaning

During Grade 1, the students of Class 13 actively participated in various scientific and technological innovation competitions, showed their own strengths in various competitions, and achieved good results. A total of 12 students won awards, including: 5 in the “Challenge Cup”, 1 in the “Bright Candle Cup”; 3 in the “Knowledge Contest for Freshmen of the Department of Electrical Engineering”, 1 in the “National Undergraduate Plasma Technology Innovation Competition”, 1 in the "College Students Mathematical Modeling and Computer Application Contest" of Beijing, and 1 in the “Software Programming Project Training” of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The students of class 13 not only made their mark in the scientific and technological innovation competition, but also gained a lot in various cultural and sports activities. In Grade 1, a total of 8 students won awards, including 2 in the “Silver Cup” badminton competition of the Department of Electrical Engineering, 1 in the “Cheerleading” competition of the Department of Electrical Engineering and 3 in the “Blue-ray Cup” basketball competition of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Looking back on the past, the solid and rigorous style of study and excellent academic performance have not only laid a solid professional knowledge foundation for the students of Class 94 and Class 13, but also created conditions for them to “grow in five educations and develop in an all-round way”. Looking forward to the future, they will continue taking every step well and write their own more and more exciting stories.

Introduction to “Excellent Academic Style Class of Tsinghua University”

The excellent academic style class of Tsinghua University is one of the important honors that undergraduate classes can compete for. It is also called the “Grand Slam” of undergraduate class honors together with “First-Class Youth League Branch of Tsinghua University” and “Advanced Undergraduate Class Group of Tsinghua University”. The excellent academic style class is selected once every academic year, focusing on the measures and effects of the construction of the style of study in the class; the selection criteria are based on learning activity, remarkable learning effect, learning discipline observance and comprehensive development; no more than 15% of the total number of classes will be selected and further be selected as advanced classes of the University.

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