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On the afternoon of December 15, the major scientific research project report meeting of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) of Tsinghua University in 2022 was held for the second time in a video form. More than 20 people including an expert group composed of Min Yong, director of the State Key Laboratory of New Type Power System Operation and Control, Yu Xinjie, Kang Chongqing, Lu Chao and Yu Zhanqing and leaders and major members of each project attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Lu Chao, deputy dean of EEA.

Group photo of participants

Project leaders made detailed reports on the execution, contract fulfillment and fund receival of their projects respectively, including Dr. Zhou Yanglin for the project “Research and Demonstration of Key Technology of Large-Scale Advanced Power Energy Storage” and “Digital Energy Storage System for Sodium-ion Batteries”, Prof. Cheng Lin for the project Method Research and System Development of Online Assessment on Large-scale Energy Storage Performance”; Dr. Li Yaowang for the project “Key Technology Research and Demonstration Application of Large-Scale Source-Grid-Load-Storage Integration Collaboration under the Vision of Carbon Neutrality”, associate professor Chen Lei for the project “Theoretical Research and Technology Development and Engineering Demonstration of Quick Response Frequency Regulation of Energy Storage Collaborated with Wind Power Units, associate professor Zhao Biao for the project “Research on Key Technologies and Core Equipment for Large-Scale New Energy and New Type DC Convergence Access” and the project “Research on STATCOM and Energy Storage Integrated System and Access Technology”, associate professor Xue Xiaodai for the project “Research on Key Technology of Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage System for Wind and Solar Grid-incorporated Consumption” and the project “Research on Key Technology of Multi-source Regenerative Compressed Air (Energy Storage) Energy Hub”, and associate professor Wei Yingdong for the project Through-type In-phase Traction Power Supply System”.

The expert group listened carefully to the report of each project team, commented on them one by one, and made suggestions and summaries on common issues such as the schedule of the demonstration project, the cooperation model with different participating units, the use of funds and equipment procurement. Based on the discussions at this meeting, each project team confirmed the problems to be solved and planned to hold a symposium for actualization as soon as possible.

Professor Yu Xinjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of EEA, said in the summary: each project team must comply with the regulations and plan ahead of time in the use of funds, pay attention to the project progress and protection of intellectual property rights.

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