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On December 1, 2022, the Students Branch of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University announced the list of advanced undergraduate classes of Tsinghua University for the 2021-2022 academic year, and Class 94 of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) was enrolled. In the past three years, the 25 students in Class 94 of EEA have been embracing their dreams, keeping their feet on the ground and adhering to EEAs motto of “Strict in learning and upright in behaving”, striving to be Tsinghua people of “Self-discipline and social commitment, working hard on the road of youth and moving forward bravely.

A group photo at the end of military training in September 2019

1. Led by party building to boost team cohesion

Red is the unchanging background color of Class 94. There are currently 6 official party members in the class, and the class is one of the classes with the largest number of party members among classes admitted to EEA in 2019. Leading the construction of the Youth League branch with party building is the core of Class 94 to promote class construction. Student party members and the party class team, leading in thinking, have combined major historical opportunities with the form of “ideological and political micro-party classes” in themed Party and Youth League day activities. On the themed Party and Youth League day during the autumn semester in 2019, they learned the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement. During the spring semester in 2020, they interviewed front-line medical workers in the prevention and control of the pandemic, and learned from the pioneering models of party members who are “regardless of pay, regardless of life or death”; from carrying out the theoretical 1+1 activity of “China's Opportunities and Challenges in the Post-pandemic Era” to inheriting the “Red revolutionary spirit in audio-visual culture”, and from being confident of “attaching to national defense and strengthening the country” to striving to be “Tsinghua EEA people in the wave of the times” and guided by party members, the class immersed in the “red and professional” atmosphere to learn the revolutionary spirit and comprehend the mission of youth. Class 94 carried learned the party history in depth, party members led the team members to visit the “Road to Revival” exhibition at the National Museum, and went to the Xiangshan Revolutionary Site to appreciate the demeanor of great men. Among the volunteers in various activities such as nucleic acid testing, garbage sorting, university and department celebrations, we often see party members of Class 94 who play a pioneering role and lead students to serve others.

Under the leadership of party building, Class 94 has formed a good class cohesion. Over the past four years, the class has organized a series of group activities relying on the branch and daily emotional construction, leading the students to explore the capital, exercise collectively and have fun at parties. As a result, the friendship among the students is enhanced.

Party and Youth League Day themed “Tsinghua EEA People in the Wave of the Times” in March 2022

Climbing to Xiangshan Mountain for party branch building in March 2021

2. Be strict in learning to cultivate a good style of study

Cultivation of the style of study has always been the top priority of Class 94. By organizing activities such as themed class meetings for the construction of study style, English learning check-in, self-study check-in, small team tutoring and so on, Class 94 has formed a good style of study through peer encouragement and mutual help. During the period of online learning at home during the pandemic, all of them assisted each other in learning through the online team study room. After being promoted to the senior grade, the class closely follows the needs of the students, organized themed class meeting of scientific research as soon as possible, introduced the research direction of the department, interviewed teachers and alumni, and cleared the fog for the students on the road of scientific research. They also actively participated in scientific research and technological innovation competitions. In grade 3, a total of 10 students participated in SRT and 5 participated in various scientific and technological innovation competitions, and 1 went to the UK for exchange to broaden the international horizons.

With practical and interesting learning-promoting activities and various scientific research practices, the students of class 94 have consolidated their academic foundation, established professional identity, and clarified their future direction. The average academic score of the class has been among the best in the department for three consecutive years. There are 3 students in the top five and 11 students in the top 30 in the exam of intellectual education, 14 were directly promoted to doctoral study, more than 50% of the total number of students in the class and about 1/3 of students directly promoted to doctoral study in EEA, ranking first in the whole department, and 88% of them are directly promoted to postgraduate study without exam. Also in Grade 3, 17 were granted Jiang Nanxiang Award, National Award and university-level scholarship, etc. for 24 times in total, accounting for 68% of the total number of students in the class, 1 was granted the honour of Outstanding Communist Youth League Member of Tsinghua University, and none was punished due to discipline defects. The solid style of study and organizational construction also enabled Class 94 to won the honour of “First-level Youth League Branch of Tsinghua University” twice and the title of “Class with Excellent Style of Study in Tsinghua University” this year.

Students from Class 94 interviewed Professor Zhao Zhengming at the Institute of Power Electronics, EEA in April 2022

Students Youth League Branch of Class 94 won the honour of “First-level Youth League Branch of Tsinghua University” for the 2020-2021 academic year

3. “Five fields of educations” to promote diversified development

Driven by the rising class cohesion, students of Class 94 from all corners of the country have also achieved diversified personal development. Every year on Boys’ Day, Girls’ Day, or before semester starts or after exams, the class organizes a series of emotional building activities to narrow the distance between classmates. They enhanced their friendship by organizing a “purple gymnastics team”, board games, song clubs and class dinners, where they talk about social vicissitudes, life in the university and anecdotes at the dinner table. Through a series of class activities in morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, they have achieved fruitful results in social work, practice, volunteering, literature, art, and sports. In the past academic year, a total of 13 students from Class 94 have participated in social work, taken important positions in students’ organizations such as the Youth League Committee, Students’ Union, Science and Technology Association and TMS Branch, etc., serving classmates and generating electricity with love. In social practice, they had 7 people/times involved in the “Dream Net”, a social practice brand of Tsinghua University, and 3 people/times serving as the captain and vice-captain of “Dream Net” for three consecutive years, leading classmates to participate in more than ten voluntary projects such as the Winter Olympics, the centenary project of the founding of the party, pandemic prevention and control, university anniversary celebration, department anniversary celebrations and freshmen welcomes. There are 7 Bauhinia volunteers with three stars and above, with an average volunteering time of 65.2 hours. In terms of literature and art, all the students in the class are full on the stage to produce DV drama “End of the Semester” and “EEA News, which were widely acclaimed at the student festival; in terms of sports, the class organized students to run and exercise collectively, and established interest groups for football, basketball, table tennis, billiards and so on. They won the semi-finals of the campus class football match, the champion of the “White Light Cup” football league, and the champion of the “Silver Light Cup” table tennis league. The students in class 94 showed their special abilities and developed in a variety of ways, which constantly improved the vitality and cohesion of the class.

Students of Class 94 participate in the volunteer service for nucleic acid test in October 2022

Students of Class 94 participated in social practice at the National Stadium in October 2019

Red, professional and diversified development are the rhythm of the class. Entering Tsinghua University at the solemn moment of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, watching and helping each other when the COVID-19 is raging, walking on the great path together at the centennial of the founding of the party, and displaying Tsinghua's colors in the Winter Olympics, Class 94 have cultivated deep and fruitful friendship. Looking forward to the future, they will definitely keep in mind their original mission and be outstanding young people with ideals, daring to take responsibility and endure hardships and willing to struggle in the new era.

Brief to “Advanced Undergraduate Class of Tsinghua University”

The Advanced Undergraduate Class of Tsinghua University”, the topmost honour for undergraduate classes, composes the “Grand Slam” undergraduate class honors together with “First-level Youth League Branch of Tsinghua University” and “Class with Excellent Style of Study in Tsinghua University”. This honour is selected once every academic year to commend no more than 20 classes in the whole university each time. The enrolled classes need to make outstanding achievements with distinct features in comprehensive development including cohesion of class, ideological construction, academic performance, science and technology innovation, sports, art and volunteer service in social work.

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