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On October 21st, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) held a seminar for postgraduate supervisor training and exchange, inviting supervisors to share their views on “key training links”, “daily management”, and “mental health issues” for postgraduate students. The seminar was presided over by Professor Zhu Guiping, the teaching director of EEA. More than 30 teachers from the whole department participated. Xu Qingqi from the Teacher Development Center also participated in the exchange and sharing, and answered questions from the teachers.

At the seminar

Mentioning the mental health issues of postgraduates, the teachers discussed various pressures currently on students and the ways to release the pressures. They also discussed how to guard the entrance, how to detect signs of problems early, care for students, and accompany students to grow with patience.

Mentioning the key links for postgraduate training, the teachers discussed the form, requirement and diversion measures of the doctoral qualification examination, and they believed that the doctoral qualification examination should focus more on the interview link and examine the academic potential of the doctoral students. In addition, the teachers also discussed the basic study period, subject selection and supervisor-student relationship of postgraduates.

Mentioning the daily management of postgraduates, the teachers believe that the supervisors should think in a different position, plan the time nodes of each key link, capture the rhythm, and manage the process well, so as to reduce the anxiety of the students as much as possible.

This seminar provided a good opportunity for postgraduate supervisors to communicate with each other. Everyone spoke enthusiastically and offered valuable opinions and suggestions for postgraduate training.

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