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On the afternoon of July 7, 2021,EEA held a spring semesterdepartment-widefaculty meeting in thelecture hall 217,Zone 3,west main building. More than 90 members ofEEA’sparty and government team and department faculty attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yu Xinjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Department.Deputy Director Ai Desheng and Financial Director Hao Yonghong of theLaboratory Division of Tsinghua University, and Liu Yi, DeputyDirectorof the Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute were invited to the meeting.First,Ai Desheng,Deputy Director of the Laboratory Division, made a report entitled “AModern University Laboratory Safety Management System”,introduced the safety accidents of domestic colleges and universities in recent years,summarized the basic safety data of Tsinghua laboratories and thelaboratory safety management system,financial investment inimplement professional management, access systemization, inspection normalization, accident investigation and otheruniversity safety tasks, andgave recommendations forEEA’s laboratory safety work.

FinancialDirectorHao Yonghongintroduced the background and overall work progress of Tsinghua University in internal control construction, emphasized the importance of internal control to improve the modernization of theuniversitygovernance system and governance capabilities, interpreted the main content of “Measuresagainst Funds Use Violations inTsinghua University”, and explained the problems in the use of funds at thecurrent stage through some case studies.

Liu Yi, deputydirector of Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute, gave a detailed introduction to the Sichuan Institute’s achievement transformation platform and typical cases, he pointed out that after five years of exploration and attempts, the Sichuan Institute has constituted a practical technological achievement transformation system, supportinginnovative research and development, intellectual property services, achievement transformationactualization, industrial promotion cooperation andso on,sharedSichuan Institute’s practices, experience and cases in achievement transformation, and introduced two recommended transformation methods.

Then, in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the session for awarding outstanding organizations and individuals in“July 1st” commendation, Department Party Committee Secretary Yu Xinjie announced the list ofEEA’s winners in "July 1st" commendationof Tsinghua University, and gave a high praise to the department-level advanced party organization (party branch),outstanding party building and ideological and political workers and outstanding Communist Party members who were awardedcertificates of honor.

Lu Haifeng, an outstanding party building and ideological and political worker (party branch secretary) of Tsinghua University, spoke as a representative of the award-winning teacher. He reviewed the great achievements of the Chinese Communist Party in the past century,talked aboutthe advanced nature and mass nature of the Communist Party, and shared his ideasand experienceon how to be a goodbase-levelparty branch secretary.

Finally,DeanKang Chongqing made a concluding speech anddispatchedwork for theautumn semester of 2021 and briefly reviewed the important progress and achievements of the Department of Electrical Engineeringand Applied Electronicsin thechange of terms of theadministrative and party branch, teaching, scientific research, personnel, publicity, laboratory safety, internal control inspection, andwork inthe “One department and two Institutes”. He introduced the subject development, key education reform projects, implementation of the new version of the training plan, "14th Five-Year" plan and new power system construction, special projects for in-depth integration of industry, university and research, department name suggestion andsolicitation, preparations for the 90th anniversary of the department, and other work plansof theDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronicsunder the background of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral", encourage all faculty and staff to work together, seek common developmentto face new opportunities and challenges, and strive to achieve greater results and make greater contributions.

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