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Chen Shuiming


Research Direction

Lightning, Over-voltage in power system, Electromagnetic Transient, Electromagnetic Environment

High Voltage Building, 302B Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University Beijing, 100084, P. R. China



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In July 1990 in the department of zhejiang university undergraduate course graduation, get a bachelor's degree in engineering, zhejiang university outstanding graduates. In February 1993, master degree, excellent graduate of zhejiang university; In February 1997, graduated from tsinghua university, department of after teaches, associate professor of electrical engineering department of tsinghua university in 1999. ,professor of electrical engineering department, tsinghua university in 2008, the following year to obtain qualified tutors. In 2000, engaged in research on access to the Hong Kong polytechnic university for half a year, in October 2002 to September 2003 engaged in postdoctoral research in university of Alberta,Canada. At present, mainly engaged in the lightning, electromagnetic environment and power system overvoltage, such as teaching and research work.

1993.9 1997.2 tsinghua university department of high voltage and? insulation professional, doctor's degree,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou, Zhejiang ,China

1986.9 2003.2 department of electrical engineering, zhejiang? university power system automation, engineering bachelor's, master's degree in engineering, Zhejiang University,Hangzhou, Zhejiang ,China

2008.12 to present electrical engineering department, tsinghua university, professor,Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

1999.8 ~ 2008.11 electrical engineering department, tsinghua? university, associate professor,Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

1997.3 ~ 1999.7 tsinghua university electrical engineering? department, lecturer,Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

2007 department of tsinghua university "outstanding communist? ? party member"

1996 scientific and technological progress first prize of east? China power

1997 science and technology progress third prize of ministry of? power industry

shandong power group company 2001 scientific and technological? progress second prize

2002 in shandong province science and technology progress third? prize

2006 northwest grid co., LTD. Science and technology progress? prize

2013 Chinese communication institute of science and technology? progress award

2013 in henan province scientific and technological progress? second prize

2014 in henan province scientific and technological progress? second prize

Undergraduates Courses

(1)overvoltage and its protection, 1998 ~, 32 hours, for all undergraduate students of DEA

(2)computer hardware technology foundation, 2004-2006 three times for three engineering departments

Postgraduates Courses

(3)Modern Lightning Protection Technology, 32 hours, the guangdong? meteorological system engineering graduate student

(1)Graduated Students


Ph.D. :Pengcheng yang

M.S.: Lulu Huang, Zhen Mei, Wei Xu,Tun Li,Jing Xu,Lianbo Li, Shaojun Xu,Rong Liu

M. Eng.: Wenjie Shen, Jie Li, Chaojie Jiang,zhi Yan, Cang Chen, Qiteng Xu,Haijun Yu, Changchun Nie,Guibing Ji,Yanting Tian,Jidong Zeng, Zhentang Shi,Gang Chen,Wen Liu,Zhiqiu Huang

(2)Current Graduate Students


Ph.D. candidate: Hongfeng Zhao, YUnchao Wang,,Pengfei Xu, Xiao Yang

M.S. candidate: Bin Zhang, Guoxu, Yang, Jun Zhang

Since a job, has to undertake the project and take part in dozens of scientific research work.

(1)Research Interests

Electromagnetic Environment

Lightning protection in power system and electronic system

(2)Selected Academic Funds

2014-2017, Uncertainty Analysis of Power Systems. National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, NSFC (PI)

(3)Selected International Collaboration Projects

2014,Key Technology Development for Integrating Offshore Wind Power into Electric Power Grid, Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation,(PI on China side)

(4)Selected Industry Projects

2012-2014, Low-carbon evaluation and simulation of smart distribution network. Jiangxi Electric Power Research Institute (PI)


Kang Chongqing, Xia Qing, Xu Wei. Power System Uncertainty Analysis, Science Press, March 2011


Kang Chongqing and Chen Qixin; Low-carbon electricity technology, 2012.9

(3)Selected International Journal Papers Since 2010

Qixin Chen, Chongqing Kang, Qing Xia, Daniel. S. Kirschen. Optimal Flexible Operation of a CO2 Capture Power Plant in a Combined Energy and Carbon Emission Market. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, v 27, n 3, August 2012, p 1602-1609

(4)Selected Conference Papers Since 2010

Sijie Chen,Qixin Chen,Qing Xia,Chongqing Kang,Ming Jing,Qiang Ma. Active Boundary Identifying Technique for Steady-state Security Distance Assessment. 2013 IEEE PES General Meeting, Vancovor, Canada

(5)Selected Chinese Journal Papers since 2010

JiaWenzhao, Kang Chongqing, Li Dan, Chen Zhixu, Liu Jun. Evaluation on Capability of Wind Power Accommodation Based on Its Day-ahead Forecasting. Power System Technology, v 36, n 8, p 69-75, August, 2012

(6)Authorized Patent

1) Shuiming chen, liu rong. The hybrid waveform generator. The utility model patents, ZL 99201288.0 2000/2/19

2) Shuiming Chen. Adopt the method of phase close inhibition of switching transformer inrush current and its circuit. National invention patent ZL200410007527.3 2008/3/12

3) Shuiming Chen,JInliang. He, Xu Wei. Performance parameters of the test method of lightning protection for high voltage transmission system. National invention patent ZL 200710121781 x 2009/6/10

4) Shuiming Chen, Jinliang He. Used to measure pulse current is a kind of flexible roche coil. The utility model patents, patent number: ZL200920172969.1

5) Shuiming Chen, Jinliang He. Multi-channel lightning current measurement device. National invention patent, patent number: ZL200920173157.9

6) Shuiming Chen, Jinliang He. A transmission line lightning parameters and characteristics of the test methods. National invention patent, patent number: 200910091530.0

7) Wei, Xu Jinliang He, Shuiming Chen. Performance parameters of the test method of lightning protection for high voltage transmission system. National invention patent, patent no. : 200710121781 X

8) Jinliang He, Jun Wu, Shuiming Chen, Zeng Rong, Bo Zhang. A high voltage gradient method of preparation of zinc oxide varistor valve plates. National invention patent, patent no. : ZL 2008 1, 0225054.2

9) li weixing, Shuiming Chen, Hongfeng Zhao, Liang Weixin. HVDC neutral wire rod with polar and frame neutral line lightning arrester. Using new patents, patent number: 201320054498.0

National lightning disaster defense industry standardization technology committee, deputy director of the committee

Chinese meteorological society lightning research academic secretary

the national lightning protection and standardization committee

international electrotechnical commission lightning protection branch of IEC/TC - 81 WG8, 9, 10 members of the working party

International electrotechnical commission IEC SC22F/WG20 working group members

the national intellectual property judicial authentication experts (Beijing 1100090039)

senior member of China electrotechnical society