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Over 30 years ago, he chose to return to his hometown and started as a duty officer at a substation.

He has come a long way since then, holding positions such as Chief Engineer of Inner Mongolia Power Company. Leading his team, he anchored industry development trends, contributing to the rapid growth of the wind power industry in Inner Mongolia.

He believes in persistently pursuing worthwhile endeavors, stating, “As long as I deem something worthy, I will continue to do it tirelessly”.

Wang Xiaohai, a diligent power professional and a participant in the energy revolution, is a Tsinghua alumnus admitted in 1986. In 2010, he was honored as a National Model Worker.

Join us in exploring the “Tsinghua People Serving the Country” series, where we witness Tsinghua graduates contributing to various fields, serving the nation and its people with dedication.

Starting as a duty officer

Wang Xiaohai fondly recalls how he was fortunate to find a space where he could fully utilize his abilities. In 1991, after graduating from the Department of Electrical Engineering, he bypassed the bustling life of Beijing and took a long train journey back to his hometown of Baotou, Inner Mongolia.

Despite not being a popular employment choice at the time, he felt a strong connection to his parents’ dedication to the development of the region since the 1950s and decided to follow in their footsteps. Beginning as a regular duty officer in a substation located 30 kilometers away from the city, he performed routine tasks, including operating switches, conducting inspections, and reading meters.

People around him questioned his choice, asking, “Having graduated from Tsinghua, do you regret working as a duty officer here?”

He responded, “Starting from the front line is not a bad thing.” Humbly seeking advice from power workers and diligently learning from colleagues, Wang Xiaohai’s practical experience and solid grassroots work opened doors in the power industry.

Wang Xiaohai in working

His journey continued, and he progressively earned recognition, holding positions such as Station Chief and Production Department Head at Baotou Power Supply Bureau, later becoming the Chief Engineer of Inner Mongolia Power Company and the Director of the Technical Expert Committee.

Wang Xiaohai, true to the Tsinghua spirit, focused on actions rather than words, winning approval from local officials and the public. Throughout his career, he received accolades such as national invention patents, first prizes for technological progress in the autonomous region, and the title of National Model Worker in 2010.

Currently, Wang Xiaohai leads a team collaborating with the Department of Electrical Engineering on innovative projects addressing new energy integration challenges.

A history enthusiast since his college days, Wang Xiaohai’s love for the humanities, nurtured during his exploration of history, philosophy, and literature at Tsinghua, influenced his ability to grasp the big picture in his career.

Wang Xiaohai in Tsinghua

As the Director of the Inner Mongolia Power Dispatch and Communication Center, he played a pivotal role in the rapid development of wind power in the autonomous region, overcoming technical challenges to ensure the successful integration of wind energy into the power grid.

Maintaining integrity and transparency, he avoided conflicts of interest with power generation companies, ensuring fairness and justice in his decision-making.

Wang Xiaohai delivered a speech as a representative alumnus at the graduation commencement ceremony

Reflecting on his journey during his speech at the undergraduate commencement ceremony, Wang Xiaohai emphasized the integration of personal growth into the broader context of societal development. He witnessed the development of new energy stations and the power grid, leading his team to deeply integrate industry, academia, and research, transforming key technological concepts into practical applications.

In 2018, he participated in a project developed by the Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University’s, focusing on critical technologies for autonomous and coordinated automatic voltage control in complex power grids, receiving a first prize for national scientific and technological progress.

Wang Xiaohai humbly downplayed the importance of awards, stating, “I never thought about winning big awards. As long as I deem something worthy, I will continue to do it tirelessly.”

This philosophy has guided Wang Xiaohai’s life choices and his contributions to sustainable development in the field of electric power. With unwavering commitment, he has laid the foundation for technological advancements in the industry.

Quoting, “Heaven rewards diligence, and a gentleman strives for self-improvement without ceasing,” Wang Xiaohai, a Tsinghua graduate, has found his path in the vast land of the north, contributing to the nation’s development.


For more stories of Tsinghua graduates serving the country, stay tuned for further narratives.

Source: Official WeChat Account of Tsinghua University

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