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With great joy on February 18, 2023, the 2023 Annual Assembly of Alumni of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA), Tsinghua University, was successfully held in Guangzhou. Nearly 400 alumni from EEA and other colleges and departments of Tsinghua University gathered in Guangzhou to share the friendship among classmates and seek common development and cooperation. In addition, nearly 3,000 alumni watched the grand event online through the live broadcast platform. The annual assembly was presided over by Yu Xinjie (enrolled in 1991), Secretary of the Party Committee of EEA and Vice President of EEA Branch of Tsinghua Alumni Association.

Jiang Shengyao delivered a speech

Jiang Shengyao, deputy director of the University Affairs Committee of Tsinghua University and Vice President of Tsinghua Alumni Association, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that alumni work is an important part of talent training in Tsinghua University, and attaching importance to alumni work is also an inevitable requirement for the development of an excellent university. He affirmed EEAs alumni work and believed that EEAs alumni would make their own efforts and contributions in exploring the path of alumni growth and talent cultivation in Tsinghua University.

He Zhen delivered a speech

He Zhen, President of the Association of Tsinghua Alumni in Guangzhou, delivered a speech at the meeting. He mentioned that the Department of Electrical Engineering is one of the first three engineering departments established by Tsinghua University. Adhering to the philosophy of being strict in learning and being upright in behaving, it has cultivated a large number of academic masters and pillars of governance for the country. Since the establishment of the EEA Branch of Tsinghua Alumni Association, it has extensively gathered and served the friends of EEA, and made important contributions for the development of the electric power industry. He hoped that the EEA Branch of Tsinghua Alumni in Guangzhou could strengthen cooperation and integration with other branches of Tsinghua Alumni Association in Guangzhou, promote the interaction of alumni, serve the high-quality development of Guangzhou and improve the national power of science by contributing the wisdom of Tsinghua University.

Establishment ceremony

Witnessed by all the present guests and alumni of EEA, the EEA Branch of Tsinghua Alumni in Guangzhou was formally established and an establishment ceremony was held.

Kang Chongqing reported on EEAs development

Zheng Zedong reported on the work of the Alumni Association

At the assembly, Kang Chongqing (enrolled in 1988), Dean of EEA, Tsinghua University, President of the Energy Internet Innovation Research Institute, President of the Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University and President of EEA Alumni Association, and Zheng Zedong (enrolled in 1999), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of EEA and Secretary-General of the Alumni Association successively reported to the alumni on the development of EEA and the work of the Alumni Association.

In the guests view sharing session, Li Licheng (enrolled in 1961), Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xu Yueheng (enrolled in 1978), President of Association of Tsinghua Alumni in Hu’nan Province, and Xia Qing (enrolled in 1985), Professor of EEA, Tsinghua University, made reports respectively.

Academician Li Licheng delivered a speech

Academician Li Licheng put forward expectations for the digitization, informatization, and intelligentization of power system research for EEA, Tsinghua University to respond the national major strategies on energy and power.

Xu Yueheng delivered a speech

In his speech, Xu Yueheng first shared his experience and understanding of serving alumni as a local alumni association. Afterwards, he shared his experiences in studying and working. Finally, he hoped that in the future, the alumni of EEA and other alumni of Tsinghua University could provide valuable opinions for driving the development of the Alumni Association in Hunan.

Xia Qing delivered a speech

In Xia Qing’s speech, he especially thanked all the alumni for their concern for the old teachers and their support for the fundraising work for the elderly. He mentioned that EEA is the strong backing of all alumni, and he welcomes all alumni to go home frequently.

Alumni representatives shared their experiences and views

In the sharing session of alumni representatives, Yao Senjing (enrolled in 1988) of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Liu Yingshang (enrolled in 1999) of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Hu Qihao (enrolled in 1996) of CICC Qianhai Development Fund, Zhao Chenlong (enrolled in 2005) of Smart Grid Technology R&D Center of Pearl River Delta Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Shen Xinwei (enrolled in 2006) of Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Liu Xianzhuo (enrolled in 2010) of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, and Lu Wankun (enrolled in 2013) of Guizhou Power Grid Corporation shared their experiences in Tsinghua University, the unforgettable days of studying and working in EEA and their insights on personal growth, work and life.

Zhu Shouyu delivered a speech

In the session celebrating the returning to Tsinghua, Zhu Shouyu, the general liaison of alumni enrolled in 1988 and the secretary-general of activities and events, delivered a speech on behalf of conveners.

In the alumni sharing session, Zhong Haiwang organized a Q&A activity in the Rain Classroom. The alumni recalled the time in Tsinghua University in the warm atmosphere.

Technical visit

Sports activity

In addition, alumni exchange activities such as technical visits and sports activities were also organized during the assembly.

Group photo of the assembly

Both the love for alma mater and the friendship among alumni last forever. The annual assembly this year has built an interactive platform for the alumni to gather here and talk about the future, and condense the common memories of EEAs alumni. The successful holding of this annual assembly cannot be separated from the support of all alumni of EEA, and the love and memory of the alumni for EEA and Tsinghua University. The alumnis strength will provide the most solid support for EEA to set sail, innovate and develop in the new year and the new era.

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