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Liu Jingkun, born in Baodi, Tianjin in August 1989 and graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics of Tsinghua University with a doctors degree, was an excellent student selectively oriented to Hebei Provincial Government in 2017, and now he is a member of the Party Group and deputy governor of the Peoples Government of Dachang Hui Autonomous County, Langfang City.

 From Tsinghua University to Chaobai Riverside

 A Doctor of Engineerings Reflections of Growing from Grassroots

Liu Jingkun

In “Young Peoples Choice of Career, Marx said: “When choosing a career, the main guideline we should follow is the human’s happiness and our own perfection.” It is a great platform for us graduates to be selected, oriented and recruited by Hebei Government, and to contribute our skills and wisdom to the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. It allows us to combine serving the masses with our own development. I think this choice is worthy of my deepest ideals and aspirations, and it also answers to the training and guidance of my alma mater during the nine years from undergraduate admission to doctoral graduation.

As required by myself and supported by the organization, I went directly to work in villages and towns starting from Shuyang Town, Xianghe County, Langfang City. Over the past five years, my growth is mainly from the grassroots level, and I have three main insights:

The first is to experience the sense of reality and gain in the work of serving the masses

Tempering in township and rural work is a valuable opportunity “tailor-made” for us by the organization. It made us become more real and down-to-earth by directly facing the masses, let us know what the people think, let us know how complicated the countryside is like, let us feel the meaning and value of grassroots work. When I served as the first secretary of Qianxiaotun Village in Shuyang Town, in order to end the situation that this village with complicated contradictions always needed a cadre from the town to act as the branch secretary for the past decade, I, seizing the opportunity of reelection of leading group, did a lot in-depth work, organized the villagers to elect a new branch team. After the branch meeting ended, a retired veteran cadre in the village said to me specifically: “You have completed an epoch-making event for our village!” From then on, I felt that my heartful work was confirmed by others, which was a great source of strength for us to work.

The second is to identify experience and flexibility in urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks

To embattle before fight is a usual strategy, but it is critical to judge and apply the proper strategy. When encountering a specific problem, we need to analyze and treat it specifically based on experience and methods accumulated so as to solve it properly. Being trained and organized, I became the mayor of Antoutun Town the year before last year and then I took on a lot of “hard work”, especially a tough demolition work, after the demolition team entered the site and successfully demolished the roof of a illegally built warehouse, the house owner suddenly changed his mind and operated an excavator block to stop the demolishing work by waving the excavator arm, which posed a threat to the safety of the workers. We immediately organized personnel to move from the side and rear, decisively pulled the house owner out of the cab and handed it over to the on-site police. Considering the young age of the person concerned and his special family situation, we gave him serious criticism and warm education in the police station. We both completed the task for demolishing an illegal building and solved another hidden risk that the house owner might bring a complaint to the upper level of government in the future. The work experience of dealing with such problems is a precious wealth that we can meet but cannot seek in our growth.

The third is to demonstrate creativity and productivity in linking theory with practice

Having educated by engineering disciplines and especially trained by my major power systems, I am able to think about problems with a systematic thinking. I often compare the social systems involved in my work with complex man-made machine systems, abstract specific scientific problems, and use engineering methods to solve them in combination with reality. In November last year to implement the treatment policy for oriented selected graduates, the organization transferred me to the position as the deputy county magistrate in Dachang County, in charge of pandemic prevention and control. With the increase in the number of cases transferred, we found that it is difficult to comprehensively, accurately and timely know the post-treatment for persons transferred out. After analysis and research, I thought the business flow of the entire work system was fine, but information feedback was blocked. Therefore, we established an information interaction mechanism based on the idea of cybernetics to unify the information in transfer, control, isolation and other links, so that various parts of the system were efficiently connected, and each staff member can fill in the report and obtain effective information in real time. This measure greatly improved the work efficiency and won praise from my colleagues. So I think the greatest value of knowledge should be reflected in solving practical problems.

In Hebei, working at the grassroots is a good way for selectively oriented graduates to grow. With the care of the organization and the help of leaders and colleagues, I was able to grow rapidly in grassroots work. If we work with the theory of optimization decision modeling in engineering disciplines, we can establish an accurate and reliable basic model for deeply understanding the grassroots, take various actual situations and necessary characteristic attributes in to consideration, and obtain an accurate and feasible result in optimizing our decisions. I believe that my experience at the grassroots will help me make effective, advanced and beneficial decisions in future work.

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