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Recently, the selection results of excellent doctoral dissertations of China Power Supply Society (CPSS) were announced. According to the Regulations on the Selection of Excellent Doctoral and Master’s Dissertations of China Power Supply Society, 5 excellent doctoral dissertations were finally selected and 7 were nominated after application, qualification review, preliminary evaluation and final evaluation. Fan Boran, a doctoral student graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) in 2018, won the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of CPSS.

Fan Boran was admitted to EEA in 2009. In 2013, he directly studied for a doctor’s degree without examination. He studied under Professor Li Yongdong from the Institute of Power Electronics and Motor Systems, and graduated with a doctor’s degree in July 2018. He has won many national scholarships, the comprehensive excellence scholarship of Tsinghua University, and the First Class Scholarship of Delta. He has published more than 10 SCI/EI papers and won many excellent paper awards at international and domestic conferences such as ICEMS.

Fan Boran’s doctoral dissertation Research on Topology and Control of Direct AC-AC Modularized Multilevel Converters is an in-depth research on the two topology structures and control methods of modular multilevel matrix converters and hexagonal modular multilevel converters based on the research of high-voltage and high-capacity power electronics converters that are urgently needed in the energy technology revolution, and independently completed the key project funded by the Delta Foundation and the horizontal project funded by CRRC Zhuzhou Research Institute, etc, and the related achievement have good application prospects in low-frequency power transmission, large capacity variable-speed pumped storage and so on.

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