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Zhu Jiahui, an alumnus of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) admitted in 2003, was invited to return to Tsinghua University at the 111th anniversary of the establishment of the university, to reinforce her relationship with the campus. As an alumnus of EEA graduated 15 years ago, she felt that her Alma Mater had introduced humanistic factors in digital technology. She likes the electronic signature wall of EEA, as their signatures will appear in colorful air bubbles on the screen, randomly colliding and moving, full of a sense of advanced technology.

Zhu Jiahui

When participating in the event, Zhu Jiahui thinks that the stories played in the video warm and inspire everyone. Particularly, seeing a humble alumnus of EEA, who has taken root in West China for dozens of years to support the western construction and bring electricity to local people with his selfless dedication, she was deeply impressed and said she still has a lot to learn.

The university spirit of “Actions speak louder than words” has been the pursuit of excellence for generations of Tsinghua people. Zhu Jiahui believes that these small stories make people feel that the university celebration is not only a meeting, but also a memorial and spiritual baptism. A look at the older generation of alumni can point the right direction.

The experience of studying in Tsinghua University has given Zhu Jiahui a kind of perseverance in thought. When she encounters setbacks, she will persist again and again and never give up easily. No matter how much she can do, she will always leave something to the world. “It’s worth meeting and worth living.”

This year is the 19th anniversary of Zhu Jiahui’s admission. She has participated in many alumni meetings, and she cherishes the time she can get together with her former classmates. As a graduate of EEA, she feels warm to participate in the alumni activities of EEA. She believes that alumni meetings can condense alumni friendship and stimulate positive energy. At the same time, she also wishes the younger alumni to do well in inheritance, learn every course well, and not to waste time.

This article is forwarded from Tsinghua News Web.

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