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Zhang Wenyi is a member of the CPC and a native of Xiantao, Hubei Province. From 2010 to 2014, he entered the Automation College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology to study and obtain a bachelor's degree. In 2014, he entered the Automation College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology to study and obtain a master's degree upon recommendation of exemption. In 2017, he entered EEA of Tsinghua University to study for a doctor's degree upon recommendation of exemption and was taught by Professor Mei Shengwei. The main research areas are large power grid safety and Energy Internet. He has participated in 5 scientific research projects, participated in many international academic conferences, published 5 academic papers and 3 articles by the first author, including 1 SCI journal and 1 national patent. He has won the titles of outstanding postgraduate cadres in Tsinghua University, outstanding The Communist Youth League member in Tsinghua University, national scholarship, knowing and doing scholarship, etc. Currently, he is the chairman of the graduate student association of Tsinghua University Electrical Engineering Department and the monitor of Doctor Class 17 of EEA.

Keep your feet on the ground and cultivate the spirit of scientific research

The research field of Zhang Wenyi is large-scale power grid security, involving power system vulnerability identification, cascading failure modeling and risk assessment, and power system prevention and control. Relying on this field, he participated in many important projects and achieved certain results. As the principal student in charge of the project, he has participated in the research of power grid dispatching emergency decision support system under extreme weather conditions and the research of power grid disaster simulation and interruption technology at the sending end of large energy base. Now he is participating in the research of key technologies and applications of weak link identification and disaster interruption, multi-energy network model and dynamic evolution mechanism of complex cross-border DC power system. He has made a series of original research results in the field of large power grid cascading failure identification, and the related work is considered to reach the international advanced level.

For Zhang Wenyi, the choice of electrical major is motivated on the one hand by interest and on the other by love for the power industry. During his undergraduate course, he entered the laboratory to do scientific research. Under the patient guidance of his undergraduate mentor Guan Zhihong and a group of senior doctors, his love for the electrical specialty became more and more firm, and he came up with the idea of pursuing his doctor degree. "My scientific research enlightenment benefited from the guidance of my mentor and the help of my brothers.” Referring to his scientific research path, Zhang Wenyi was very grateful to his mentor Professor Mei Shengwei and Professor Guan Zhihong.

The safety of large power grid is the cornerstone of power industry development. With the increasing scale of China's power grid and the interconnection of several extra-high voltage AC/DC transmission projects across regions and provinces, the dynamic behavior of the power system is becoming more and more complex, and the safe operation of large power grids will be greatly threatened. At the same time, the fluctuation and randomness of new energy sources and the power imbalance and voltage instability caused by faults will have a serious impact on the normal operation of the power grid, seriously affecting the safe and stable operation of large power grids.

Sichuan power grid, as one of the largest power transmission terminals in the country, has prominent problems such as high AC/DC hybrid connection, large proportion of new energy, and difficult operation and maintenance of power grid. In addition, Sichuan is sparsely populated, with diversified natural disasters, and the frequency of seasonal mountain fires, mudslides and earthquakes is relatively high, which also puts forward very high requirements on the grid's ability to resist large disturbances and its ability to recover from faults in extremely unfavorable environments.

For this reason, Zhang Wenyi participated in the research and development of the Sichuan power grid weak link online identification and control assistant decision system as the student leader. The results of this project are not only innovative and advanced in theory, but also applied to Changdu Power Supply Company of the State Grid, the Power Dispatching Control Center of Sichuan Power Company of the State Grid and the Southwest Power Dispatching Control Sub-center. It has played a great role in the safety and stability assessment of the power grid and the guarantee of safe and stable operation of the power grid, and has strong practical value. The project was awarded the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Sichuan Province.

In Zhang Wenyi's view, electricity is a traditional engineering subject with a strong practical background. As a doctor, one must cultivate the spirit of scientific research, seek truth from facts and innovate. Only by long-term persistence can one achieve results.

Service Leading, Keeping in Mind Historical Mission

Apart from scientific research, Zhang Wenyi is also active in schools and EEA social work positions. As a vice minister of Graduate Union of Tsinghua University's Ministry of Life, he organized employment seminars for ethnic minority graduate students to contact the feelings of ethnic minority students. As head of the propaganda department of the EEA Postgraduate Association, he is responsible for the operation of the "Tsinghua EEA Postgraduate Association" in Wechat Official Account, participates in organizing the sharing meeting of Tsinghua MBA Power and Energy Club, and participates in the preparation of Tsinghua University -IET Postgraduate Academic Forum on Electrical Engineering as one of the leaders.

The 510th Doctoral Academic Forum

On May 28, 2018, Zhang Wenyi ran for the presidency of Tsinghua University's EEA Postgraduate Association. He organized the graduation ceremony of the electrical engineering department, the welcoming activities, the academic lectures on molecular photovoltaic and perovskite based solar cells-Tsinghua Forum, the "Four Dances in Time"-the four schools and six schools' fraternity ball, the national award sharing meeting, the "December 9th Movement" chorus and other activities, which were well received by teachers and students.

Zhang Wenyi is also a registered volunteer of the national volunteer information system. He has undertaken voluntary work in academic activities such as PMAPS Conference, the 4th Energy Forum, the Tsinghua MBA Power and Energy Club Sharing Meeting, and the University Young Scholars Forum. He has also participated in the school Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and community service activities.

"Being a volunteer can contribute to the society. It is a responsibility and a mission." Zhang Wenyi said as usual.

Louder Than Words, Be a Light Chaser

"When you come to Tsinghua to study, you have to face two peaks: one is the peak of academic and knowledge. You should dare to climb and continuously improve. The second is the peak of life and morality. We must be steadfast and realistic. "Professor Mei Shengwei often educates his disciples in this way.

"Young people still have to get out of school and go to the northwest to see the development of the country. If you are really interested in making a career in the field of new energy photovoltaic power generation, Qinghai is the best choice for both individuals and the country! "With such a sense of mission, Mei Shengwei aspires to do as much as possible for the construction of the western region in inside within the limited time. Read hereby in hereby, Mei Shengwei also passed this sense of mission to his disciples.

During the summer vacation of 2018, Zhang Wenyi, as the leader of the practice detachment, applied to participate in the research project on parameter identification of photovoltaic power generation system in Qinghai University, which Mei Shengwei is responsible for. During the six-day week time in inside, Qinghai University Photovoltaic Center, Zhang Wenyi not only fully understood the photovoltaic base and learned the working principle of compressed air energy storage, but also benefited Zhang Wenyi greatly from the careful guidance of teachers and the like-minded friends.

Photovoltaic power generation is a representative renewable energy and an important link in the future Energy Internet. In school inside, Zhang Wenyi can only understand the principle and application scenario of photovoltaic power generation through literature reading. In Qinghai University Photovoltaic Center, he can not only understand the development process of photovoltaic power generation on site, but also combine theory with practice to find research difficulties from practice, thus guiding the next scientific research work.

The name of the subject practiced in Zhang Wenyi is the research on parameter identification of photovoltaic power generation system. It is necessary to establish a photovoltaic station-level control model on cloudpss cloud platform and analyze the key parameters by means of model derivation. In the practice base of the photovoltaic center, under the leadership of teachers such as Mei Shengwei, Zhang Wenyi studied and visited the 50KW photothermal recovery aircraft carbon fiber system, 100KW photothermal load compressed air energy storage power generation system, 50KW multifunctional photovoltaic power station, solar thermal power generation, 100KW photothermal photovoltaic load power generation and 110KW library photovoltaic microgrid system, etc. He had a deeper understanding and understanding of the operation principle and practical engineering application of photovoltaic power generation system and compressed air energy storage system.

Zhang Wenyi in Qinghai University Photovoltaic Base

At the same time of academic research, Zhang Wenyi also actively participated in the learning and exchange activities of undergraduates in Qinghai University, sharing their learning experience and life experience, and reaping precious friendship and beautiful memories.

Zhang Wenyi always remembers "Louder Than Words" in his heart, combines practice with theory on the road of academic research, grasps the baton of inheritance, takes national needs as his own duty, takes national needs as his responsibility, and writes "articles" on the motherland. "To do meaningful scientific research and to be a pursuer of scientific research" is Zhang Wenyi's unremitting pursuit.

(This article is reproduced from "Tsinghua University Graduate Education" Wechat Official Account)

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