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The summer school for Future Power and Energy System (FPES) is hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) of Tsinghua University, which is a leading institute of research and education in China. FPES will be held between 12-20, August, 2024.

Recent years, energy structure transition and carbon neutrality are the focus of scientific research and industrial applications. The fast development of renewable energy, distribution generation and storage system, smart grid and micro-grid, as well as DC-transmission and distribution is starting great revolutions in power systems, including the power grid structure, running control and power equipment. In China, there are the world's largest renewable generation, longest DC transmissions and most complex power systems.

What the future power systems will be, involved with more and more other energies, is becoming an interesting question for the scientists and engineers. How to turn virtual power plants into reality? How can the vehicle to grid (V2G) be integrated by the power grid and then help the grid run in a more economic state? How does the energy storage system support the grid running more stably under random renewable energy generation and complex load composition? You can find the answers in this summer school.

This summer school offers the course for the running technologies of modern power system with more renewable and more power electronics, as well as the course for the innovative DC transmission and DC power equipment. We will visit the renewable generation plants and energy storage factories during the course. We will also have face-to-face communications with the researchers and engineers from the State Power Grid Cooperation and the associated institutes. Colorful cultural tour and Chinese culture immersion courses are also included.

After the summer school, you will receive a certificate for FPES from Tsinghua University.

An applicant should be a non-Chinese citizen and in their second or third-year undergraduate study in electrical engineering or related areas. Applicants should prepare the following materials and send them to opairs@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn , luojiao@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn, before June 25. The files will be examined and the results will be informed by email before June 30.

Application materials

(1) Personal Statement including curriculum vitae, research interests and experiences.

(2) An official academic transcript and schooling certificate.

(3) A copy of the personal information page from the passport.

(4) A Recommendation Letter by a professor in your university (Professors in Electrical Engineering are preferred).

There is no registration fee for the applicants. The summer school will provide free accommodation and meals and will afford the travel expenses for collective activities.

For further information, please contact us via email: opairs@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn luojiao@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn,

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