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Introduction of Jingde Podium

Mr. Gao Jingde is a renowned expert in electric power engineering, a distinguished educator, a member (academician) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences , former president of Tsinghua University, founder of the State Key Laboratory for Safety Control and Simulation of Power Systems and Large Power Generation Equipment, and an IEEE Fellow.

Jingde Podium is established to carry forward the fine tradition of the Department of Electrical Engineering, commemorate a large number of outstanding predecessors of the Department of Electrical Engineering represented by President Gao Jingde, and inherit their spirit of rigorous study and innovation. The invited guests are mainly influential high-level experts and scholars in electrical, energy, higher education and other related fields at home and abroad. The topics are cutting-edge scientific and technological progress, major strategic planning, talent training model, and educational concept innovation, etc.

Podium Information

I. Information of the 7th Jingde Podium

Topic: Innovative Industrial Cooperation in Electrical Engineering — Opportunities and Challenges

Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, May 29, 2023

Place: 3-217, West Main Building

Guest: Professor Zhu Ziqiang

Electrical engineering is a key discipline in the global net-zero circular economy. This podium will share the experience of the University of Sheffield’s electrical engineering discipline in working with industry, mainly involving permanent magnet motor drive systems, which have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, electric vehicles, wind power generation, household appliances, industrial automation and other industries. The lecture will focus on the development trend of new motors, power electronic converters and control systems. Based on many practical examples of the University of Sheffield’s collaboration with industry, the lecture will also illustrate how bridging the gap between basic research and industrial applications can drive the harmonious development of technology and industry.

II. Introduction of the lecturer


Professor Zhu Ziqiang

Zhu Ziqiang, Professor at University of Sheffield, UK, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, Editor-in-Chief of IET EPA, recipient of the 2021 IEEE Nikola Tesla Technical Field Award and the 2019 Distinguished Achievement Award of IEEE Industry Applications Society.

III. Registration to participate

Participants from inside and outside the University are welcome to attend this Jingde Podium. Applicants from outside the university may click on the QR code below and fill in the registration information in order to apply for entering Tsinghua University. Registration deadline: 5pm, May 26.


Registration for Jingde Podium

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