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Tsinghua University—IET

Electrical Engineering Forum

The Tsinghua University—IET Electrical Engineering Forum is tentatively scheduled to be held in Beijing at the end of May 2022 (the specific organization and schedule will be determined according to the unified deployment of national and university pandemic control). At present, the forum is now calling for papers from postgraduate students.

About the forum

Tsinghua University—IET Electrical Engineering Forum "Tsinghua University Doctoral Students' Forum" is a traditional academic exchange activity for doctoral students in China. The forum this year is expected to be held in Beijing at the end of May 2022 (specific location to be fixed later).

This forum is hosted by the Postgraduate School of Tsinghua University and IET, undertaken by the Postgraduate Association of Tsinghua University, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) of Tsinghua University, the Journal Center of China Electric Power Research Institute, and the Journal Center of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, and co-organized by magazine editorial office of "Power System Protection and Control" and "Global Energy Internet". With the theme of "New-type Electric Power System for Carbon Peaking And Carbon Neutrality", the forum invites postgraduate students in electrical engineering and related fields from Tsinghua University and domestic universities and research institutions to participate. The forum will also invite well-known experts and scholars in the industry to make special reports.

Requirement for the content of paper

We sincerely call for academic papers related to the research frontiers of electrical engineering, including but not limited to:

 Power system control and simulation technology

1) High proportion renewable energy grid incorporation and consumption;

2) Multi-energy integration and intelligent management technology;

3) Cyber-physical system integrating energy and information;

4) Research on the interaction mechanism of source, grid and load in the power market;

5) Power system protection with complex and multiple uncertainties;

6) Power system stability and control in the Energy Internet;

7) Application of new technologies such as big data on electric power;

8) Research on the power system in the Internet of Things for electric power;

9) Energy green and low-carbon transformation mechanism;

 High voltage new materials and new technologies

1) Advanced materials and insulation systems;

2) Transient overvoltage;

3) High-voltage system online monitoring and analysis technology;

4) UHV transmission and transformation, switches and other high-voltage equipment and electrical appliances;

5) High-voltage new technologies such as pulse power and strong magnetic field;

 New-type power electronic appliances, electric drive and control

1) Power conversion technology for grid-incorporated renewable energy;

2) Research on key technologies of energy routers in the energy Internet;

3) High-efficiency motor drive and motion control technology;

4) Power quality analysis, optimization and control technology;

5) Power conversion technology for large-scale and distributed energy storage applications;

6) Electric drive technology in electric vehicles;

7) New power electronic devices and applications;

 New electrical technology

1) Modern electromagnetic measurement technology and instruments;

2) Numerical calculation and application of electromagnetic field;

3) Power line communication and smart grid security;

4) Nondestructive test and safety assessment.

Critical dates

 March 1 to April 10, 2022, Online registration, paper uploading to the website;

 April 13 to April 27, 2022, Papers are reviewed, scored and enrolled by experts;

 April 30, 2022; Notification of the list of oral reports;

 May 3 to May 10, 2022; Register and upload posters.

Instructions for participation

 Forum format: Keynote report + thematic sub-forum

 Manuscript requirement: published or unpublished papers (Tsinghua University); unpublished papers (other universities)

 All papers will participate in the poster session, and some papers will be selected for the oral presentation session. Best papers, for which certificates and prizes will be granted, will be selected from oral presentations;

 Unpublished English papers can enter after they are reviewed by the academic committee of this forum:

1. IET IDL knowledge base, enter IET Inspec and IEEE Xplore to search and submit to EI search;

2. On journals such as MPCE (Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy), CSEE JPES (CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems), PCMP (Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems), etc., papers will be published after passing the standard review process;

 Unpublished Chinese papers will be reviewed and approved by the academic committee of this forum, and recommended by the conference organizing committee to enter journals such as "Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering", "Power System Automation", "Power System Protection and Control", "Global Energy Internet", etc., and published after the standard review process;

 Free board and lodging, no registration fee; but transportation are at own expense.

Paper submission method

 Conference registration and paper submission on http://meeting.aeps.cc/cn/eeaf2022

 Contact information

Sun Hao: sunhao3990@163.com

Pan Shi: 760471693@qq.com

Relevant units:

Hosted by: Postgraduate School of Tsinghua University, IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology)

Organizer: Postgraduate Student Association of Tsinghua University

Co-organizers: Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics, Tsinghua University, Journal Center of China Electric Power Academy, Journal Center of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, editorial office of magazine "Power System Protection and Control" and "Global Energy Internet"

Photos of the forum in 2021

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