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Five Years Intelligence Concentrated in Sichuan and Energy Internet Developed for Future. In 2016, with the call of General Secretary Xi’s “Energy Revolution” and the mission of “2+2” cooperation between China and the United States, Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute, Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as the Research Institute) was formally established in Tianfu New District, opening up a new era of energy Internet.

As the first scientific research institution in cooperation with Sichuan Province, over the past five years, the Institute has been relaying on the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics of Tsinghua University as its foundation, following Tsinghua's motto of "Self-discipline social-commitment", walking on a road of collaborative innovation that closely conforms to the construction of Tsinghua's "Double First-Class" and deeply serving the economic and social development of Sichuan. It has initially established a talent gathering platform, technological innovation center and industrial development highland in the field of energy internet.

We've been working hard for five years to realize our dream. 2021 is the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Institute, in order to better inherit the spirit of Tsinghua University, promote communication and build brand characteristics, the Institute is now openly soliciting logo design proposals from all walks of life. The relevant matters concerning the solicitation of notices are now announced as follows:

1. Proposals are collected from all employees and partners of the research institute, teachers, students and alumni of Tsinghua University, and people from all walks of life.

2. Collection date: June 21-July 11, 2021; Selection time: July 12-July 18, 2021.

3. Reward mechanism: 1 first prize, with a bonus of CNY 5,000; 2 second prizes, with a bonus of CNY 2,000 each; commemorative gifts will be given to all participants.

4. Design requirements: (1) Including the Chinese and English name of the institute. Chinese name:清华四川能源互联网研究院; English name: Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute, Tsinghua University (2) The theme of the work is bright, simple and liberal, and rich in meaning, and it fully demonstrates the characteristics of the institute. It is recommended to reflect the connotation of Tsinghua University, energy Internet, science and technology, and high-level scientific research and innovation platform. (3) The designed graphics, fonts and colors should be harmoniously matched and easy to identify. It is recommended to consider Tsinghua Purple (R:102 G:8 B:116) and coordinated auxiliary colors for the color system, which is suitable for use on various occasions and different carriers.

5. Proposal instructions: (1) The logo design plan must be provided in an electronic version (JPG, PNG or TIF, resolution 600*600 pixels or higher), and attached with creative instructions, descriptions or connotation notes (within 500 words). (2) Multiple design proposals can be submitted. Please send the electronic version of the logo design and creative description as an attachment to the email: tangyuqi@tsinghua-eiri.org. (3) Please indicate your name, unit, contact information and address when submitting the proposal (so that a commemorative gift can be returned).

6. Selection rules: (1) The organizer will organize experts to review the submitted proposals and select the winning proposals. (2) Award-winners must provide the design source files of the created works. If fonts are used, the font name must be stated. (3) If necessary, the Institute will modify or combine the winning works as appropriate to form the final logo for external use.

7. Notices: (1) The proposal must be original without any copyright dispute; (2) All proposals will not be returned, and the authors should keep their own manuscripts; (3) The intellectual property rights and use rights of all winning works belong to Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute, Tsinghua University; (4) The final interpretation right of this solicitation activity belongs to Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute, Tsinghua University; (5) Contact person: Teacher Tang; Tel.: 028-61956735.

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