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On April 12, at the eighth meeting of the ninth standing council of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society held in Beijing, Assistant Professor Li Shisong from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) at Tsinghua University reported on the preparatory work of the Electromagnetic Testing Technology and Equipment Committee (in preparation). After deliberation, it was unanimously agreed to establish the “CES Electromagnetic Testing Technology and Equipment Committee”. The secretariat of the committee is affiliated with EEA. Academician Wang Qiuliang from the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences serves as the honorary chairman, Professor Huang Songling from EEA serves as the chairman, with Deputy Directors including Guo Jinghong, Director of the Power Sensing Technology Research Institute at the State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute Co., Ltd., Senior Engineer Hou Xingzhe from the State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company, and Vice President Song Xiaochun from Hubei University of Technology. Assistant Professor Li Shisong and Assistant Researcher Peng Lisha from EEA serve as the secretary-general and deputy secretary-general, respectively.

The establishment of Electromagnetic Testing Technology and Equipment Committee was initiated by Professor Huang Songling, Director of the Institute of New Electrical Technology at EEA, and was approved by the Chinese Electrotechnical Society on December 28, 2022, with a one-year preparatory period. Since its preparation, the secretariat has actively invited society leaders and experts in the field of electromagnetic testing to engage in the construction of the committee’s plan, academic exchanges, science popularization, and technical consultations, achieving significant progress. At the meeting, Li Shisong provided a detailed report on the preparatory work, the purpose, philosophy, pathways, and existing foundation of the committee, which was well-received by the attending experts. In recent years, EEA has made notable achievements in supporting the national dual carbon goals and the construction of new power systems. Establishing the Electromagnetic Testing Technology and Equipment Committee leverages this opportunity to strengthen the integration of industry, academia, and research, promoting the application and transformation of relevant technological achievements, and enhancing the country’s innovative capabilities in energy security, equipment status monitoring, and advanced equipment manufacturing. The Electromagnetic Testing Technology and Equipment Committee is the first committee established by CES in EEA, signifying the recognition of our related disciplines by domestic peers.

In the construction of new power systems, sensitive, accurate, and comprehensive electromagnetic sensing technology and sensor devices are fundamental for timely sensing of power system operating parameters. Rapid, convenient, and reliable electromagnetic non-destructive testing technology and equipment are crucial to effectively diagnosing the safety status of power systems. Precise, stable, and traceable electromagnetic metrology technology and devices ensure fairness and justice in power energy trade settlements. In response to the needs for electromagnetic testing technology and equipment in new power systems, the committee is focused on three main areas: electromagnetic intelligent sensing, electromagnetic non-destructive testing, and electromagnetic precision metrology. It aims to promote the development of key technologies for electromagnetic intelligent sensing in transparent grids, key technologies for electromagnetic non-destructive testing in the power industry, and key technologies for electromagnetic precision metrology in power settlements, as well as to promote the industrialization of perception, diagnosis, monitoring, and metering equipment in power systems.

The inaugural conference and first academic annual meeting of the Electromagnetic Testing Technology and Equipment Committee are scheduled to be held in Zibo, Shandong, from August 9 to August 10, 2024 (see attachment for the meeting notice). Experts in related fields are welcome to attend.

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