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On January 19, the establishment conference of the first academic committee and the 2023 academic conference of the National Key Laboratory of New Power System Operation and Control (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) were held in Room 102, Zone 3 of the West Main Building. The meeting was attended by more than 50 teachers, including 15 academic committee members of the laboratory: Academicians Tang Guangfu, He Yaling, Wang Chengshan, Guo Jianbo, Liu Jizhen, Luo An, Wang Qiuliang, Zhang Zongliang, Rao Hong, Professor Yang Qingxin, Professor Ju Ping, Professor Liao Ruijin, Professor Wen Jinyu, Professor Li Zheng, and Professor Kang Chongqing. Academician Han Yingduo, Laboratory Director Min Yong, Deputy Directors Cheng Lin, Xu Fei, and Zhang Bo, as well as core members of the laboratory, participated both online and offline. Vice President of Tsinghua University Zeng Rong and Deputy Director of the National Key Lab Management Center Huang Chunmei attended the meeting.

Welcome speech by Zeng Rong

The early part of the meeting was chaired by Huang Chunmei. Firstly, Zeng Rong delivered a welcome speech, warmly welcoming and sincerely thanking all the experts attending the meeting, and summarized the core issues such as the positioning, goals, relationship with departments, and future development plans of the laboratory.

Reading of the Composition of the First Academic Committee by Huang Chunmei

Subsequently, Huang Chunmei read out the composition of the first academic committee of the State Key Laboratory of New Type Power System Operation and Control. Zeng Rong and Min Yong jointly presented appointment letters to the academic committee members.

Zeng Rong and Min Yong presented appointment letters to all the academic committee members

Following that, the meeting was chaired by Academician Tang Guangfu, the chairman of the academic committee.

Academician Tang Guangfu chaired the meeting

Subsequently, Min Yong reported on the progress of the laboratory’s work, providing a comprehensive overview from three aspects: the overall situation of the laboratory, key achievements and progress in 2023, and laboratory construction and development. He emphasized major measures in laboratory reform, including innovation in institutional mechanisms and condensing major scientific research tasks, seeking opinions and suggestions from the committee members.

Min Yong reported on the work

Afterwards, Professor He Jinliang, Professor Han Minfang, Researcher Chen Lei, and Associate Researcher Zhuang Chijie respectively reported on four representative annual achievements: “Recyclable High-Temperature High-Capacity High-Voltage Cable Insulation Materials and Applications,” “Fundamental Research and Application of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,” “Primary Frequency Control and Online Monitoring Technology for Dual-High-Power Systems,” and “Research Progress on High-Voltage High-Capacity IGCT Device Parallel Simulation Tools.”

The committee members fully affirmed the effectiveness of the laboratory in restructuring optimization and innovative development, academic research, team building, Changping base, Inner Mongolia branch, Dongying project, and other aspects. They provided valuable opinions and suggestions on top-level design, focus direction, target condensation, major achievements, talent cultivation, platform construction, and international influence. The members hope that the laboratory will take advantage of the opportunity of reform and reorganization, integrate scientific research forces, form national-level cohesion, face the two major issues of bottleneck and dual carbon, deepen its own research foundation and advantages, and play a leading role in the field of professional research at home and abroad.

Finally, Academician Han Yingduo expressed earnest expectations for the reform and development of the laboratory. The laboratory leadership team earnestly listened to the suggestions of the committee members and stated that they would study and understand the spirit of this meeting carefully, comprehensively promote the construction work of the laboratory in the new year, and report better development results to the committee members.

Photo of online and offline committee members and participants

Photo of offline committee members and some laboratory staff

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