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On September 26, 2023, Professor Li Yongdong from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) appeared as a guest on the program “Dialogue · Innovation Forum” of CCTV Finance Channel. In this episode, the discussion revolved around how Qinghai can realize the value of green electricity. Professor Li Yongdong, along with other experts, provided recommendations for the development of green energy in Qinghai.

Professor Li Yongdong proposed solutions to address the relatively low value of green electricity. Firstly, he emphasized the need to establish high-voltage transmission channels to effectively distribute the electricity. Secondly, he suggested utilizing the electricity locally by creating significant loads in the region to maximize the benefits. Additionally, he mentioned the importance of energy storage and hydrogen production to maximize the benefits of green electricity.

Furthermore, regarding Qinghai’s future development, Professor Li Yongdong offered the following recommendations: firstly, introducing industry experts and talent from outside the region, and secondly, focusing on the cultivation of local talent to build a sustainable and locally rooted workforce. Most importantly, he stressed the need to make the best use of available talent to retain or attract more high-end domestic and international professionals.

“Dialogue” is a top-class talk show program by the CCTV Financial Program Center, established in 2000. It aims to provide a platform for communication and dialogue among news figures, business leaders, government officials, and economic experts. Invited guests on the show include prominent figures from both domestic and international politics, Fortune 500 companies, and influential individuals with strong voices. “Dialogue” has become a significant force influencing global economic development.

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