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On July 17, a group from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) of Tsinghua University participated in the IEEE PES General Meeting in Orlando, USA. At the invitation of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Virginia Tech, they joined student and teacher representatives from Virginia Tech’s electrical engineering field for a dinner event aimed at academic discourse and collaborative exchanges. The EEAs team included faculty members such as Wu Wenzhuan, Ci Song, Guo Qinglai, Zhang Ning, Guo Hongye, Lin Chenhui, and Wang Peng. The Virginia Tech’s participants comprised professors like Dushan Boroyevich, Chen-Ching Liu, Ali Mehrizi-Sani, Ardavan Mohammadhassani, and doctoral students including Brady Alexander, Jain Akshay, and Vassilis Kekatos.

A group photo of the participants

The discussions began with welcoming remarks from Virginia Tech’s Associate Professor Ali Mehrizi-Sani, Professor Chen-Ching Liu, and Professor Dushan Boroyevich. They extended their warm welcome to the EEAs team, reflecting on the longstanding history and fruitful outcomes of academic exchanges and collaborative research between the two institutions in the field of electrical engineering. They also expressed their aspirations for further expanding cooperation in the future.

Welcome speech by Associate Professor Ali Mehrizi-Sani

Speech by Professor Chen-Ching Liu

Speech by Professor Dushan Boroyevich

Representing EEA, Tsinghua University, Professor Wu Wenzhuan expressed gratitude for the invitation and hospitality extended by Virginia Tech. He reviewed the history of collaborative exchanges between the two universities and offered insights into the potential for deepened research and academic cooperation in the future.

Speech by Professor Wu Wenzhuan

Subsequently, attendees from both Tsinghua University and Virginia Tech introduced their respective work and research directions. Discussions revolved around cutting-edge topics including high-proportion renewable energy integration, artificial intelligence applications, power markets, and decarbonization of power systems. The two sides engaged in comprehensive exchanges and delved into the possibilities of strengthening reciprocal visits among faculty and student teams.

In closing, Professor Wu Wenzhuan, on behalf of Professor Kang Chongqing, Dean of EEA, extended an invitation for faculty and students from Virginia Tech’s electrical engineering field to visit Tsinghua University at a mutually convenient time for academic exchanges and interactions. The exchange concluded on a warm and enthusiastic note.

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