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 On the morning of April 23, the Postdoctoral Mobile Station of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) successfully held the second Postdoctoral Salon in Meeting Room 3-102 of the West Main Building. Professor Yu Xinjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of EEA and winner of the National Outstanding Teaching Award, Dr. Zhang Pengcheng and Dr. Si Fangyuan, the first group of young scholars selected for EEAs Upright and Strict Young Scholars” program.



Yu Xinjie, taking Four basic teaching skills of university teachers” as the topic, combining with years of teaching practice experience, and taking actual teaching content as an example, shared his insights and thoughts on how to become an excellent teacher in four parts of “pre-class preparation”, “courseware making”, “research-based teaching” and “better understanding students during lectures” from macro to micro and from near to far. Around the core question of “Why should students come to your class”, he taught everyone how to use smart teaching tools to combine traditional teaching methods with modern digital teaching methods, and proposed the educational concept of “four realms of being a teacher.



Sifang Yuan and Zhang Pengcheng shared their experiences and progress in postdoctoral research and growth as a teacher. Starting from his personal research experience, Si Fangyuan introduced his research work and shared his insights as an assistant teacher at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center. He suggested that everyone should strengthen on-site survey in scientific research and provide valuable solutions for practical engineering problems. Zhang Pengcheng, starting with the basics and gradually delved deeper, discussed the current development of wireless charging for electric vehicles, introduced the latest research progress of his postdoctoral project, and further shared his experience in applying for grants and his growth experience from a doctoral student to a postdoctoral researcher.


The salon was lively, the audience actively participated in heated discussions with the guests on topics such as personal growth, research methods and teamwork, and there was frequent applause throughout the salon. After the salon, the attending postdoctoral fellows expressed that this salon has strong inspirational significance for their growth in teaching and research, and they will integrate these valuable experiences into their teaching and research work in the future.

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