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On the afternoon of N 13, the graduation ceremony for the 4th China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School was jointly held online by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) of Tsinghua University, the University of Bergamo and the University of Naples, Italy. Kang Chongqing, Dean of EEA, Zhu Guiping, Deputy Dean of EEA, Flaminia Nicora, Vice President of International Cooperation, University of Bergamo, Italy, Davide Marocco, Representative of the President of Asian and Far East Affairs, University of Naples, Italy, Chiara Romano, China-Italy Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, Zhang Jindan, Provost of Postgraduate Students of EEA, and more than 30 Chinese and Italian students attended the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Wang Jian, Secretary General of China Sci-tech Automation Alliance.


Online photo of Chinese and Italian participants

Secretary-General Wang Jian congratulated the successful holding of the China-Italy Summer School in 2022, and expressed his sincere gratitude to the teaching professors and industry experts from the fields of advanced manufacturing in the two countries. As an important activity of the “China-Italy Joint Laboratory on Advanced Manufacturing”, the China-Italy Summer School regularly held every year, has played a key role in promoting academic and cultural exchanges between Chinese and Italian postgraduate students.


Wang Jian presided over the graduation ceremony

Prof. Kang Chongqing from Tsinghua University, Prof. Davide Marocco from the University of Naples, Italy, and Prof. Flaminia Nicora from the University of Bergamo, Italy delivered speeches at the graduation ceremony of the summer school. Professor Kang Chongqing congratulated the students who successfully completed the summer school courses, and praised the mutual support and joint efforts in the close cooperation between China and Italy. Professor Davide Marocco spoke highly of the summer school, which has been successfully held for four consecutive years, and fully affirmed the important role played by the three universities, saying that the summer school provides an international and professional exchange platform for Chinese and Italian students. Professor Flaminia Nicora was very pleased to see the careful setting and innovative model of the summer school in terms of courses and teaching links, which gave students from the two countries an opportunity to contact and learn cutting-edge technologies in the field of advanced manufacturing.

Professor Kang Chongqing delivered a speech

Professor Davide Marocco delivered a speech

Professor Flaminia Nicora delivered a speech

Professor Zhu Guiping summarized the progress of the 4th China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School. This summer school was completed within one week of the summer vacation. A total of 63 students from 22 universities at home and abroad participated in the study of 10 courses in this summer school, including two visits to factories in China and Italy, and 10 professors from Tsinghua University, City University of Hong Kong, University of Naples, University of Bergamo, University of Salento, and University of Brescia shared technology to promote academic exchanges between teachers and students in China and Italy in the field of advanced manufacturing.

Professor Zhu Guiping made a conclusion on the 4th China-Italy Summer School

At the graduation ceremony of the summer school, Ms. Chiara Romano launched the “2022 China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Seminar” to be held in December to promote cooperation between Chinese and Italian experts, entrepreneurs and researchers in personnel training and cutting-edge technology research and development, and build a new bridge for effective communication and cooperation between the two sides in the fields of advanced manufacturing and smart robots through online training, technical discussion and innovative project presentation.

Finally, Professor Zhu Guiping and Professor Gianluca D’Urso announced the list of students who won the third China-Italy summer school graduation certificates. A total of 26 students met the attendance requirements and had excellent exam results and were awarded the graduation certificates. The two teachers issued certificates to each student online and congratulated everyone on their outstanding achievements in the summer school. The members of the “China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Joint Laboratory” expressed that they will work together and collaborate side by side to make greater contributions to the promotion of talent training and cutting-edge technology research and development in the two countries.

China-Italy Joint Laboratory on Advanced Manufacturing (CI-LAM) is the earliest cooperation project between China and Italy in the field of intelligent manufacturing/ smart factory and manufacturing digitalization. The purpose of CI-LAM is to promote and strengthen cooperation between the two countries in talent training and cutting-edge technology research and development, including technology transfer and entrepreneurial incubation, and its vision is to become the most effective and successful cooperation bridge in the field of advanced manufacturing and intelligent robots between China and Italy. “China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School” is one of the important activities organized by CI-LAM for the exchange between Chinese and Italian students. The first China-Italy Advanced Manufacturing Summer School was held in Naples, Italy in 2019, and from 2020 to 2022 it was all held in the form of online reports and exchanges against the outbreak of the COVID-19.

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