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On the afternoon of May 27, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) held a virtual meeting to promote major scientific research projects in the first half of 2022. More than 20 officials and experts, including Hu Yang, deputy director of the Science and Technology Development Division of the University, Guan Qun, deputy director of the Special Office of the Finance Division, Yang Shusheng, director of the Technology Transfer Institute, He Jinliang, director of the academic committee of EEA, Li Yongdong, professor of EEA, Yu Xinjie, Kang Chongqing, Lu Chao and Yu Zhanqing, members of the major project leading group of EEA, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Lu Chao, Deputy Dean of EEA.

Kang Chongqing, Dean of EEA, said in his speech: EEA attaches great importance to the progress of major scientific research projects during the pandemic. Each project team must carry out organized scientific research activities in a legal, compliant and highly responsible manner, overcome the impact of the pandemic, solve real problems, achieve real results, and pay attention to scientific research innovation and intellectual property protection in project implementation.

Group photo of participants

On behalf of their research project teams, Prof. Ci Song reported the projects of “Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies for Large-scale Advanced Power Energy Storage” and “Digital Energy Storage System for Na-ion Batteries”; Prof. Cheng Lin reported the project of “Research on Online Evaluation Method and System Development of Large-scale Energy Storage System Operation Effect”; Dr. Yang Qiaoyin reported the project of “Research and Demonstration Application of Key Technologies for Large-scale Source-Grid-Load-Storage Integrated Collaboration under the Vision of Carbon Neutrality”; Associate Professor Chen Lei reported the project of “Theoretical Research, Technology Development and Engineering Demonstration on Wind Turbine Frequency Regulation Collaborated with Rapid Response Energy Storage”; Associate Professor Yu Zhanqing reported the projects of “Research on Key Technologies and Core Equipment of Large-scale New Energy and New DC Convergence Access” and “Research on STATCOM and Energy Storage Integrated System and Access Technology”; Associate Professor Xue Xiaodai reported the projects of Research on Key Technologies for Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage System towards Wind-Solar Grid Incorporated Consumption” and “Research on Key Technologies for Multi-source Heat Accumulated Compressed Air (Energy Storage) Energy Hub”; Associate Professor Wei Yingdong reported the project of Through-type Co-phase Traction Power Supply System”. They also gave detailed introduction to the project implementation, contract performance, fund receipt and so on.

The expert group listened carefully to the reports of each project team, and made comments and gave suggestions on follow-up work one by one.

In June 2021, EEA issued the “Regulations on the Management of Major Projects of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics”, and established a major scientific research project management team to exercise management and supervision functions for major projects in accordance with the regulations. In the past year, two stage promotion meetings have been held, which is effective in checking, supervising and supporting project progress, fund use, and achievement output.


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