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On May 14, 2022, the fifth Doctor of Engineering Forum of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics (EEA) was successfully held online. A total of nearly 50 people, including Professor Kang Chongqing, Dean of EEA of Tsinghua University, Professor Zhu Guiping, Deputy Dean of EEA, Professor Jin Tao, Dean of the Advanced Electrical and Rail Transit Equipment Research Institute of Fuzhou University, Professor Wang Xue, Academic Director of the Postgraduate Education Center for Engineering Degree, Tsinghua University, doctoral supervisors such as Professor Chai Jianyun, Professor Cheng Lin, Professor He Jinliang, Professor Liu Weidong, Associate Professor Lu Zongxiang, Professor Mei Shengwei, Professor Xie Xiaorong, Professor Zhao Zhengming, Professor Zhou Yuanxiang, Associate Professor Chen Laijun and engineering doctoral students of EEA attended the forum. Professor Gao Wensheng, responsible for Ph.D. of Engineering of EEA, presided over the forum.

Online group photo (part)

First of all, in his speech at the forum, Professor Kang Chongqing thanked all the guests, supervisors and students for their active participation, and encouraged the engineering doctoral students of EEA to meet the major needs of the country, do more valuable and meaningful research, pay attention to the intersection of disciplines and broaden the academic vision, make innovative research achievements, strive to break through disciplinary barriers, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, achieve complementarity and win-win, learn and apply what they have learned.

Professor Kang Chongqing delivered a speech

In the report session, Professor Wang Xue gave a detailed introduction to the outline of innovative leading engineering doctors, related requirement for dissertation and procedures for applying for the degree, and he suggested that engineering doctoral students strictly abide by the dissertation writing specification and gradually improve the dissertation writing level.

Professor Wang Xue shared his views

Afterwards, Professor Jin Tao shared his report on “Research and Application of Key Technologies of Energy Routers for New Power Systems”, and particularly gave a systematic and comprehensive explanation on demand positioning, key technologies, application scenarios and prospects.

Professor Jin Tao made a report as a guest

In the engineering doctoral report session, Zhang Zhi, an engineering doctoral student admitted in 2020, shared a report on “Combined Decision-making Method for New Power System Optimization and Scheduling Unit”; Liu Nan, an engineering doctoral student admitted in 2020, gave a report titled “Key Technologies for Complementary Configuration and Operation Control of Multiple Power Sources in Large Energy Bases”; Zhang Jiaqi, an engineering doctoral student admitted in 2020, made a report titled “Research on Fault Characteristics and Transformer Protection Strategy of New Energy—Energy Storage Combined Power Generation System Incorporated to AC Power Grid”; Lin Yunzhi, an engineering doctoral student admitted in 2018, made an analysis report titled “Research on the Power Supply System of Non-contact Rail Transit”. The supervisors at the meeting commented on the progress of the theses and research results of the engineering doctoral students one by one, and put forward specific suggestions for the next thesis research work.

The holding of this forum provided a valuable exchange opportunity for the engineering doctoral students of EEA. The four students’ engineering doctoral reports were carefully guided by the supervisors, especially in terms of writing standards and innovation points, the supervisors put forward pertinent suggestions and higher requirements, the participating students had a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the whole process of engineering doctoral training and the requirements of the dissertation, which laid a solid foundation for them to develop their engineering doctoral dissertation in the future.

The Engineering Doctoral Forum of EEA is a regular academic exchange platform for teachers and students held by EEA for engineering doctoral students. It encourages students to report their thesis progress, display research results, stimulate innovative thinking, and promote project cooperation. Since December 2020, EEA has successfully held four engineering doctoral forums in Beijing, Changzhou, Qingdao, and Chengdu (online). The fifth forum was held online due to the pandemic.

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