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Presented by Tsinghua University, undertaken by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics of Tsinghua University, and chiefly edited by Professor He Jinliang, the open-access English international academic journal “iEnergy” was officially published and launched online this month. The journal is published by Tsinghua University Press, and released overseas by IEEE.

Low-carbon energy transformation and high-quality development are major opportunities and challenges in the world today, and it is urgent to build a new power system that is clean and low-carbon, safe and controllable, flexible and efficient, intelligent and friendly, and open and interactive. As the first international academic journal in the field of electric power and energy founded by Tsinghua University, “iEnergy” is designed to serve the development of the entire electric power and energy discipline by publishing and disseminating research results with lasting value and excellent insights, and help achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The goal of the journal is to gather the most authoritative consultants, the most dedicated editors and the best authors in related fields around the world, and strive to become one of the most influential academic journals in the field of power and energy.

“iEnergy” has a variety of meanings, “i” is the symbol of current, and also represents intelligent energy, energy innovation, energy internet, electric energy, integrated energy), etc. “iEnergy” is an interdisciplinary academic journal that aims to disseminate the latest research advances in cutting-edge fundamental theories and breakthrough technologies in the field of electricity and energy. This journal will publish original research in all branches of power and energy, including power systems, high voltage, motors, power electronics and energy materials, new energy, integrated energy, etc. “iEnergy” also aims to provide a dissemination platform of the latest scientific and technological advances for the next generation of power and energy systems. In addition to publishing original research articles, iEnergy will publish research bulletins, reviews, news, expert views, research highlights and comments from all related fields.

Organized by the academic editorial team of Tsinghua University led by Professor He Jinliang, the journal already has an editorial board team composed of 44 scholars with high international academic reputation and influence from all over the world. The first issue focuses on five hot topics in the field of power and energy: new power systems with a high proportion of new energy, future nuclear energy development, new battery energy storage and capacitor energy storage, smart electrical material, high-efficiency power electronics and motor systems. It has published 15 papers from top scholars in related fields, including 1 preamble by the editor-in-chief, 3 news and opinions, 2 research highlights, 1 express paper, 4 original papers, and 4 review papers. All papers are open access and can be downloaded and read for free:



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