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所长与副所长 Yuan Liqiang

The Institute of Power Electronics and Motor Systems (the former teaching and research group of motor and its control) covers two secondary disciplines, namely, motor and electrical appliances, and power electronics and power transmission. At the same time, it relies on the intellectualization of large motor and electrical equipment at the power electronics and power conversion branch of the State Key Laboratory for Safety Control and Simulation of Power System and Large Power Generation Equipment of Tsinghua University. In 1981, the discipline was approved as the first batch of doctoral and master's degree programs in China. In 1986, the first batch of post-doctoral mobile workstation was set up. In 1988, the motor and electrical discipline was selected as the first batch of key disciplines in China, and in 2002, it was re-evaluated as a key discipline in China. At present, the Institute has 20 on-the-job faculty members, including 6 professors (doctoral tutors), 7 associate professors, 4 lecturers and 3 postdoctors.

In the past five years, the Institute has trained 41 doctoral students and 118 master students, and contributed nearly 10 textbooks and more than 300 papers. At the same time, nearly 100 major scientific research projects have been undertaken and completed, with a total funding of nearly 50 million yuan, including 6 projects under the National 863 Program, 6 projects under the National Natural Science Found and 12 international cooperation projects. The research results have won 4 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and 25 national invention patents.

During the five years, the Institute has established six main development directions according to the needs of the development of the discipline: AC motor system analysis, special motor system and its control, integration of power electronics and motor systems, power electronics power conversion system, AC power transmission and control, and new high-capacity electrical appliances. These studies focus on the dynamic process and control of the AC motor system, the analysis, design and control method of the special motors and their system, the theory and Application of high performance, large capacity and full digital AC motor control system, the topology structure, control method, drive and protection technology, electromagnetic compatibility, heat loss and efficiency of the power electronic converter, the integration of modern power electronic technology and motors and their control, etc.

In the past five years, the Institute has formed its distinct characteristics in the application research of new energy generation system, electric traffic traction system, large-capacity power electronic drive system, monitoring and protection of main equipment in the motor system, superconducting and power quality regulation technology. It has achieved a number of important scientific research achievements with international or domestic leading level in the quantitative design of main protection for internal faults of large generators, the on-line monitoring and diagnosis technology for failures in discharge of large generators and transformers, the high-voltage and large-capacity variable-frequency speed control motor system, the megawatt variable-speed constant-frequency doubly-fed wind power generator system, the fuel cell bus motor and its control system, and the integrated solar water and lighting application system. These achievements are applied in many important areas of national economy, including the Three Gorges Power Station.

While facing the battlefield of the national economy, the Institute actively participates in and undertakes the construction of major national projects, and strengthens the close cooperation with large enterprises at home and abroad. It has set up joint research institutes with large state-owned enterprises such as XJ Electric Group Limited, Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. and Baoding Tianwei Group Limited, and established long-term cooperative relations with well-known international enterprises such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric Machinery, ABB and Siemens. It has also established extensive contacts and cooperation with academic circles in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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