80228033 (Computer System and Its Applications)

Course Name: Computer System and Its Applications

Course Number: 80228033

Program: Graduate program

Type: Required

Credits: 4

Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Prerequisite(s): Digital Circuit, Computer Programming

Instructor(s): Xinfu Sheng

Textbook(s): Self-compiled ppt courseware


J. L. Hennessy and D. A. Patterson, Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach: 3th Edition

Patterson and Hennessy, Computer Organization & Design,

Course Description:

The course is about computer system and its application. Topics may include: computer architecture and organization; embedded system design; electromagnetic compatibility design; digital substation and IEC 61850, which is becoming a more attractive topic in the field of electrical engineering.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes.

1.Students could get familiar with the computer architecture and organization. [1, 3]

2.Students could get familiar with the embedded system and its design. [1, 3]

3.Students could get familiar with the electromagnetic compatibility design. [1, 3]

4.Students could get familiar with the digital substation and IEC 61850. [1, 3]

5.Students could get familiar with the process of scientific research and paper writing. [5, 6, 7, 10, 11]

Course Topics:

1.The Evolution of Computer Architecture

2.Introduction to Computer Organization

3.Computer Interface Technology

4.Introduction to Embedded System

5.The Hardware Design of Embedded System

6.The Software Design of Embedded System

7.Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility Design

8.Common-mode Interference Analysis in Embedded System

9.An Overview on the Digital Substation

10.Introduction to IEC 61850 Architecture

11.Electronic Instrument Transformers

12.Merging Units(MU) and Intelligent Electronic Devices(IED)

13.Introduction to Ethernet

14.The Data Modeling in Digital Substation

15.Substation Configuration Description Language(SCL)

16.The Implementation Example of Digital Substation


Communications with MSP430F149 UART

Understand and utilize serial communications with UART to grasp the basic communication method in many electrical engineering

Data Acquisition with MSP430F149 ADC12

Understand and utilize analog to digital conversion technique to grasp the basic data acquisition method in electrical engineering

Electromagnetic Compatibility test with Electrical Fast Burst

Understand and utilize electromagnetic compatibility design to implement the electromagnetic interference suppression

Substation Configuration with SCL

Understand and utilize substation configuration description language(SCL) to describe the substation configuration

Course Assessment:

Four experiments. 10 points for each.

Final Examination. 60 points.