80220272 (High-voltage Transmission Technology)

Course Name: High-voltage Transmission Technology

Course Number: 80220272

Program: Graduate program

Type: optional course for electrical engineering

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Spring

Prerequisite(s): High voltage Engineering

Instructor(s): Zhou Yuanxiang, Liang Xidong



Liu Zhenya, UHV Grid, the Chinese economy press, Beijing, 2005


R. Bartnikas, K.D. Srivastava, Power and communication cables : theory and applications, New York : IEEE Press : McGraw-Hill, 2000

Liang Xidong, Chen Changyu, Zhou Yuanxiang. High Voltage Engineering, Beijing: Tsinghua Press, 2003

Course Description:

   The course introduces the history of high-voltage transmission development and its social and economic significance. This course covers high transmission lines, lightening protection and electromagnetic environment, the main electrical equipment characteristics and related engineering technology.


Course Objectives and Outcomes:

     Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes.

1.Students could understand the structure of power grid and the development of high-voltage transmission technology. [1, 2]

2. Students could get knowledge about high-voltage electrical equipment and transmission lines.[3, 4]

3. Students could master high-voltage transmission techniques. [5, 8]

Course Topics:

1. High-voltage transmission technology situation and development prospect

2. Power grid structure

3. High-voltage electrical equipment

4. High voltage transmission lines

5. Power system overvoltage and electromagnetic environment

6. Insulation coordination and transmission line operation stability

7. The measures to improve transmission capacity

8. High-voltage transmission system performance and start up test




Bring out a scientific problem related to the course independently.

make a 10 min presentation in class

Submit a final report 1 month after the presentation

Course Assessment:

      Two research report papers. 10 points for each.

      Oral presentation: 30 points.

      Final report: 40 points.

      Review and make comments on your classmates’ final reports. 10 points.