80220261 (Magnetophysics and Electromagnetic Evaluation)Course Number: 80220261

Program: Graduate program

Type: Elective

Credits: 1

Term Offered: Fall

Prerequisite(s): Physics, Differential Equations, Principles of Electric Circuits

Instructor(s): Huang Songling


Ren Jilin, Lin Junming, Gao Chunfa, Electromagnetic Testing, China Machine Press, 2000. (in Chinese)


Jack Blitz, Electrical and Magnetic Methods of Non-destructive Testing (Second edition) , Chapman & Hall, 1997

Jiles, David, Introduction to magnetism and magnetic materials (First edition), London New York Chapman and Hall, 1990

Wan Defu, Ma Xinglong, Magnetophysics, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 1999 (in Chinese)

Tian Minbo, Magnetic Materials, Tsinghua University Press, 2001 (in Chinese)

Relative Thesis and Papers

Course Description:

     The course is about electromagnetic nondestructive testing (NDT) and evaluation. It covers magnetophysics, eddy current NDT, magnetic flux leakage NDT, magnetic particle NDT, infrared NDT, microwave NDT, Electromagnetic acoustic NDT, remote eddy current NDT and magnetic materials. Finally, every student should design and finish a NDT project.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

     Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes

1.Students should skillfully master the methods for nondestructive testing and evaluation. [1, 2, 3]

2.Students are in touch with the practical examples of NDT, such as oil & gas pipeline corrosions magnetic flux leakage testing tools, train wheels fatigue crack detection, and so on. [8,9,10,11]

3. Students should learn to use the knowledge obtained from other courses in an integrated manner.[3, 5, 11]

4.Students are familiar with a certain number of terminologies, which will be used repeatedly in the successive learning and studying. [5]

Course Topics:

1. Main concepts, terms and units of magnetophysics

2. Magnetic domain structure and magnetizing curves

3. The physical effects of ferromagnetic materials

4.Concept of nondestructive testing and evaluation, main nondestructive testing methods, such as eddy current testing, magnetic particle testing, magnetic flux leakage testing, infrared testing and microwave testing.

5. The theorems, calculation and design of magnetic circuits

6. Novel nondestructive testing methods, such as remote eddy current testing, electromagnetic acoustic guided wave testing and metal magnetic memory testing.

7. Practical examples of NDT, such as oil & gas pipeline corrosions magnetic flux leakage testing tools, train wheels fatigue crack detection.

8. Magnetic materials and their applications, magnetic fields measuring sensors


Experiment(s): Design experiments, which is the entitled as projects as follows.


Oil & Gas Pipeline Distortion Testing Methods

  Using the NDT methods learned from the lectures to design a distortion testing method and do corresponding experiments.

Diagnosis of Electric Power Equipments Failures

  Using knowledge learned in the lectures to design failures diagnosis methods of electric power equipments, such as transformer, high voltage switch, GIS and current transformer.

Design the Short Failures Locating Methods of Electric Power Lines

  Locating the short failure of electric power lines is the first step of maintain services. Summarize the status of international researches and suggest a best solution.

Other Measurement Projects Related to Students’ Graduate Thesis Work

  Using the knowledge of digital signal process, measurement method and nondestructive evaluation methods to design and implement the measurement problems of students’ thesis work. 


Course Assessment:

       Homework, 15 points

       Presentation in seminar, 15 points

       Final NDT project design score, 70 points