80220222 (Modern Energy Management System)

Course Name: Modern Energy Management System

Course Number: 80220222

Program: Graduate program

Type: Elective

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Spring

Prerequisite(s): Power system analysis, power system dispatch automation

Instructor(s): Sun Hongbin, Guo Qinglai


Erkeng Yu, Energy Management System, Science Press

Papers about Energy Management System

Course Description:

The course is about modern energy management system (EMS). New generation of EMS based on three dimension coordination are introduced in detail. After lessons, we have seminars. In seminars, each student needs to give an oral presentation about a modern EMS related paper published in an international journal in the class.


Course Objectives and Outcomes:

  Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes.

1. an ability to apply knowledge of nonlinear and differential equations, power system and computer engineering.[1]

2.an ability to identify, formulate, and solve power system operation and control problems[5]

3.an ability to give oral presentation effectively[7]

4.a knowledge of new generation electrical power control center[10]

5.an ability to use computer for power system operation and control practice[11].


Course Topics:


Part I Lessons

1 Modern electrical power control center: Introduction, functional development and prospect

2 New generation of energy management system based on three dimension coordination

3 Coordination in objective dimension: multiple objective security early warning

4 Coordination in spatial dimension: real-time global remodeling for hierarchical control centers

5 Coordination in time dimension: system-wide automatic voltage control

6 Standardization: IEC 61870

7 Intelligence: data mining and refined rule discovery

8 Information theory based decision-making

9 PMU based applications

10 Online security risk evaluation


Part II Seminars

Each student should read a modern EMS related paper published in an international journal firstly, and then gives an oral presentation like its author in the class for 20 minutes, others ask questions for 15 minutes.


Course Assessment:

 Presentation measures, 50 points.

 Review report, 50 points