80220122 (Integration of Power Electronics and Motor Drive System)Course Name: Integration of Power Electronics and Motor Drive System

Course Number: 80220122

Program: Graduate program

Type: Elective (dual languages in Chinese and English)

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Fall

Prerequisite(s): Power Electronics, Electrical Machinery, Motor Drives

Instructor(s): Zhengming Zhao


Zhengming Zhao and Liqiang Yuan, Integrated analysis of Power Electronics and Motor Drive System, China Machine Press, 2009 (in Chinese).


Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, and William P. Robbins, Power Electronics, Wiley, 1995

Jinde Gao, Xianghan Wang, and Fahai Li, AC Machine and System, Tsinghua University Press, 2001

Course Description:

 The course is about the integration of power electronics, motor and its control together, which is becoming a more attractive topic in the field of power electronics and motor drives.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

 Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes.

1.Students could learn the fundamental theory of power electronics, motor, and control together. [1]

2.Students could master the analysis methods of integrated power electronics and motor drive system. [3]

3.Students could enhance the capability of solving the comprehensive problems in the integrated power electronics and motor drive system. [5, 11]

Course Topics:

(1)Basis of the Integration

(2)Analysis of Inverter-driven Motor

(3)Power electronic converter

(4)PWM controller

(5)Integration of Motor-Converter-Controller

(6)Closed-loop Control of AC Motor System

(7)Data Communication of Control and Detected Signal

(8)Energy Transformation in Integrated Systems

Course Assessment:

   There are two ways of assessment in this course.

   Type A:

 Four writing projects. 10 points for each.

 A in-class presentation to survey the cutting-edge of IPEMDS. 20 points.

 Final examination with open-books. 40 points.

   Type B:

 Four out-class assessments. 10 points for each.

 Final examination with open-books. 60 points.