70228143 (Theory and Methods of Electrical Power System Planning)(E)

Course Name: Theory and Methods of Electrical Power System Planning

Course Number: 70228143

Program: graduate program (master of engineering)

Type: Required

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Fall

Prerequisite(s): Power system analysis

Instructor(s): Zongxiang Lu


Haozhong Chen, Electrical Power System Planning, China Electrical Power Press: 2008. (in Chinese)


Dengming Xiao, Introduction to Electrical Engineering, China Electrical Power Press, 2007. (in Chinese)

Boming Zhang, Advanced Analysis of Electrical Power Network, Tsinghua University Press, 2007. (in Chinese)

Course Description:

The course is about the foundation of electrical power system planning. The main elements of electrical power system planning includes power load forecasting, economic evaluation, generation planning, grid planning, reliability evaluation of planned networks, and new theory and methods of uncertainty planning, flexible planning and multi-objective planning etc.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes

1.Students should skillfully master the methods for electrical power system planning. [1, 3, 5, 11]

2.Students are in touch with the new technical trend of electrical power system. [5, 11]

Course Topics:

1.Introduction to electrical power system planning.

2.Power load forecasting.

3.Economical evaluation methods of electrical power system planning.

4.Generation planning.

5.Electrical grid planning.

6.Reactive power planning of power networks.

7.Automation planning of power networks.

8.Distribution planning.

9.Flexible planning of grid planning.

10.Reliability evaluation of grid planning.

11.New trend of energy planning and electrical power system planning.

Course Assessment:Final exam score, 100 points.