70220152 (Electrical Equipment Reliability Engineering)

Course Name: Electrical Equipment Reliability Engineering

Course Number: 70220152

Program: Graduate program

Type: Elective

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Spring

Prerequisite(s): High Voltage Engineering, Reliability Engineering

Instructor(s): Gao Wensheng


Zhu Deheng, Tan Kexiong. Electrical Insulation Diagnostics. China Electric Power Press,1999

John Moubray, Reliability Centered Maintenance. Mechanical Industry Press, 1995

Guo Yongji, Reliability Engineering. Tsinghua University Press, 2002

Course Description:

Electrical equipment fault mechanism and fault analysis methods are researched in the course. For the development and manufacturing processes of equipment, this course systematically introduces principles and methods of electrical equipment reliability design, reliability test and reliability management. While, for equipment in service, this course presents principles of equipment fault alarm and fault diagnostic methods, based on which life cycle risk and cost management of equipment are discussed. Finally, reliability centered maintenance theory and application method are introduced.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

     During the development process of modern electrical equipment, reliability has become as important as performance in design specifications. This course is based on the course of Fault Diagnosis and Condition Maintenance which has been taught for four years. It is hoped that by learning this course graduate students can understand fault mechanism of electrical equipment and master the method of improving reliability during equipment design, manufacturing and operation management process. This course makes graduate students be able to organize reliability tests and perform reliability design, reliability analysis and reliability evaluation.


Course Topics:

1 Introduction

Electrical safety and equipment reliability

Evolution of maintenance system

2 Electrical Equipment Fault Mechanism

Aging mechanism of electrical material

Fault mechanism of electrical equipment

Fault situation of electrical equipment and fault damage

3 Fault Condition Analysis Methods of Electrical equipment

Main fault types of electrical equipment and their causes

Accident investigation

Fault statistical method

Failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis

Fault tree analysis

Event tree analysis

4 Reliability Model of Electrical Equipment

Basic concepts and parameters system of reliability

Functional analysis of electrical equipment

Basic reliability model

Mission reliability model

Typical reliability model and its analysis method

5 Reliability and Maintainability Design of Electrical Equipment

Reliability design criteria of electrical equipment

Reliability prediction

Reliability allocation

Reliability assessment

Maintainability design

Reliability monitoring of manufacturing process

6 Reliability Test of Electrical Equipment

Types of reliability test

Reliability screening test

Accelerated life test

Type test

Acceptance test and preventive test

7 Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Equipment

Fault occurrence and development

Traditional methods of equipment fault diagnosis

Principles of fault alarm

Equipment fault diagnosis strategy

Fault location technique

Intelligent diagnosis

Remote diagnosis center of equipment condition

8 Reliability Management of Electrical Equipment

Equipment remaining life assessment method

Maintenance cycle and standby system of equipment

Risk management and life-cycle cost analysis for equipment in-service

Visual management and maintenance decision support of equipment fault

9 Reliability Centered Maintenance

Maintenance engineering

Main maintenance modes

Reliability centered maintenance theory

Management principles of RCM

Basic composition of RCM

Logic decision analysis of RCM

Human factors analysis in maintenance process