70220062 (Gas Discharge)

Course Name: Gas Discharge

Course Number: 70220062

Program: Graduate program

Type: Required

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Fall

Prerequisite(s): General Physics, High Voltage Engineering

Instructor(s): Xinxin Wang


Jinji Yang, Gas Discharge, Beijing: Scientific Press, 1981.


Yuri P. Raizer,Gas Discharge Physics, Springer-Verlag, 1991.

A.M. Howatson, An introduction to gas discharges, Pergamon Press, 1965.

 Course Description:

The course is about the physical processes happening in gas discharge and makes an introduction to almost all kinds of gas discharge.

Course Topics:

1.Brief introduction to gas discharge

2.Introduction to the motion of particles in gas

3.Production and loss of the charged particles in gas

4.Townsend discharge

5.Glow discharge

6.Streamer discharge

7.Dielectric barrier discharge

8.Discharge in extremely non-uniform electric field

9.Arc discharge

10.Breakdown in a long gap

11.Breakdown in vacuum

12.Breakdown in SF6 gas

13.Breakdown along insulator surface

14.Breakdown in pressurized gases

15.Breakdown under the field of high frequency

Course Assessment:

   Students submit a review report on one kind of gas discharges after reading many related papers.