70220022 (Computation of Electromagnetic Fields)

Course Name: Computation of Electromagnetic Fields

Course Number: 70220022

Program: Graduate Program

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Spring

Prerequisite(s): Fundamental of Electromagnetic Fields

Instructor(s): Yuan, Jiansheng

Reference books:

Jianni Sheng, Numerical Analysis of Engineering Electromagnetic Fields, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press, 1991

Nathan Ida, Joao P. A. Bastos, Electromagnetics and Calculation of Fields

Course Description:

  The course is about the numerical methods, techniques for developing software, introduction to commercial software, and techniques for solving practical engineering problems.

Course Topics:

Introduction to the Computation of Electromagnetic Fields

1.Maxwell’s Equations

2.The method of moment

3.The Variational Principle

4.2-D Finite Element Method

5.3-D Finite Element Mehtod

6.Mesh Generation Technique and Adaptive Technique

7.Introduction to ANSYS (Emag 2D/3D)

8.Introduction to Ansoft (Maxwell)

9.Galerkin’s Residual Method

10.The Edge Finite Element Method

11.The Boundary Element Method

12.The Simulation Charge Method

13.The Integral Method

14.The FDTD Method

15.Circuit and Field Coupled Method

16.Solution of multiple Physic Field Coupled Problems

17.Solution of Inverse Problems