40220590 (Comprehensive Thesis Training)

Course Number: 40220590

Program: Undergraduate program

Type: Required

Credits: 15

Term Offered: Spring

Prerequisite(s): All courses required by Department of Electrical Engineering

Responsible Professor(s):  Chongqing Kang

Course Description:

The course focuses on training students to solve real problems by applying principles and methods they have learned in previous three years. It aims to improve students’ abilities of analyzing and solving problems, oral and written presentations required by research, and/or coordination and organization. Students should independently complete the project research designated by tutors, and submit dissertations at the end the term to apply for their Bachelor degree.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes

1.Students should objectively, selectively and extensively search and read references of their projects. [1, 5, 6, 8]

2.With various topics, almost each ability may be required and improved with varying degrees, especially [1][2][3][5][11].

Course Topics:

1.Proposal. Reading enough topic-related literatures. Give an oral presentation on what the topic aims to do, what is the current research status home and abroad, which method is planned to use,

2.Mid-term exam. Give an oral presentation on how the project is going, whether there are some new ideas or difficulties.

3.Dissertation defense. Give an oral presentation on the project progress, which is expected to be completed according to what is planned in the proposal. Submit their dissertation of the project.

Course Assessment:

Proposal, 15%.      Mid-term exam, 25%. Dissertation defense, 60%.