40220502 (Lectures on Advances in Electrical Engineering)

Course Name: Lectures on Advances in Electrical Engineering

Course Number: 40220502

Program: Undergraduate program

Type: Elective

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Spring

Instructor(s): Kang Chongqiang.

Course Description:

The course is to introduce the recent developments, trends and advances in electrical engineering. This course is for undergraduates of grade three. The course is composed of a series of lectures given by various professors on various topics in electrical engineering. The lectures in each term are selected from the topic intensions collected from the professors. 

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

1.Students could keep abreast of current development, trends and advances in electrical engineering. [1, 5, 11]

2.Students could get familiar with the process of scientific research. [5, 6, 7, 10, 11]

3.Could help students to determine the research topics. [1, 2, 11]

Course Topics (in fall 2010):

1.Brief Introduction to the Advance Energy Storage System.

2.Wireless Power Transmission – Principle, Methods and Prospective.

3.Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation.

4.Introduction to High Power Impulse Technique. 

5.Electromagnetic Environment in Power System.

6.Smart Electrical Equipments and Its Reliability.

7.Key Techniques of Integrating Large Wind Farms to Power Grids.

8.Introduction to Automatic Voltage Control (AVC).

9.Introduction to the Applications of Modern Information Technique in Power System.

10.Theory and Application of Power System Reliability.

11.Wide Area Measurements System (WAMS) and its Application in Power System.

12.Flexible AC Transmission System.

13.Solar Energy Photovoltaic Generation.

14.Technology of High Power Variable-Speed Constant Frequency Wind Generating.

15.Permanent Magnet Motor in Electric Vehicle.

16.Advances in Analysis and Protection of Generator Internal Faults.


Course Assessment:

Final term report evaluation by the instructor. 100 points.