40220301 (Recognition Practice)

Course Name: Recognition Practice

Course Number: 40220301

Program: Undergraduate program

Type: Required

Credits: 1

Term Offered: Spring

Instructor(s): Wang Deyan



Course Description:

1. During field investigation, relevant professionals will be invited to explain development and current situation of power system in our country, as well as advantages and gap compared with the same international industry.

2. Through the visit, students will understand production process of power system, structure and use of production equipment.

3. Relating leaders and technicians will be invited to discuss with students about production situation and current technical problems existing in production process of each unit, which can provide the students with reference value. In addition, the discussion let students understand the requirements of professional quality that enterprises want professional technicians to meet.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:


Course Topics:

The following places are going to be visited:

1) Beijing Datang Gaojing Power Plant or Beijing Thermal Power Plant.

2) Beijing Qinghe 220 kV Substation

3) Beijing High Voltage Switch Factory.