40220063 (Fundamentals of Protective Relaying Technology)

Course Name: Fundamentals of Protective Relaying Technology

Course Number: 40220063

Program: Undergraduate program

Type: Required

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Autumn

Prerequisite(s): Electrical or Electronical Engineering Background

Instructor(s): Xinzhou Dong, Jianzheng Liu, Bin Wang, Shenxing Shi, Lin Gui


Weijian, Wang. Fundamentals of Protective Relaying Technology. Tsinghua University Press,1991


Jiali He, Congju Song. Fundamentals of Protective Relaying Technology (revised). China Electric Power Press, 2007.(in Chinese)

Baohui Zhang, Xianggen Yin. Power System Protective Relaying. China Electric Power Press, 2006. (in Chinese)

Course Description:

     The course is about the fundamentals of protective relaying technology. It covers the scale of protection with applications in transmission systems, distribution systems, and main electrical equipments, e.g. generator, transformer. The accessorial technologies, such as auto-reclosing, fault location, are also provided in the course.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

     Numbers in brackets are linked to department educational outcomes

1.Students are in touch with the basic protection principles, such as current protection, distance protection, current difference protection, pilot protection. [10]

2.Students are familiar with a certain number of terminologies, which will be used repeatedly in the successive learning and studying. [5]

3.Students are familiar with various intuitive ideas in electrical engineering, e.g. equivalent transform perspective, abstract perspective, and engineering approximation perspective [3, 5, 11]

Course Topics:

1.Introduction to the course of the protective relaying.

2.III zone current protection and zero sequence current protection.

3.Distance protection.

4.Current difference protection.

5.Ultra-High-Voltage transmission line protection (pilot protection).


7.Main Equipment protection (transformer, generator, motor, shunt capacitor protection).

8.Microprocessor base protection.

Experiment(s): Experiments for Principles of Protective Relaying Technology


l  Course Design of Scheme of Protective Relaying in High-Voltage Transmission Lines

 Understand the HV transmission (radial and loop topology) line protection scheme; Program the protection algorithms in relay.

Course Assessment:

     Homework measures, 10 points.

     Experiments, 10 points.

     Final exam score, 80 points.